Shine.FM’s MomCast #8: Kids In Sports

Have you ever wondered how colleges and universtities recruit their athletes? How about if your child focusing on just one sport is a good thing? Today hear from Gary Newsome, the Athletic Director from Olivet Nazarene University as he answers these questions and more on our Momcast! Be sure to subscribe to get all of Shine.FM’s podcasts!

Let’s Smack Talk!

Let’s “smack” “talk”!!

A quick note about your favorite football-sport team: It’s TERRIBLE!!!

Your team is so bad that when I think about that team, I laugh about it, because the way it runs its plays is all backward. Furthermore, half of your guys are, in my opinion, ill-suited for the sport that they’re playing, which is football, and another sport might be a better choice for them so they should pursue those sports, and not this one, which is football.

Good News: Fans Grant Gino Odjick’s Dying Wish and Chant his Name at Vancouver Hospital

Last week, former Canuck Gino Odijick shared the news that he was battling a terminal illness and could have only a few weeks to live. “In my heart, I will always be a Canuck and I have always had a special relationship here with the fans,” he said. “Your ‘Gino, Gino’ cheers were my favorite. I wish I could hear them again.” His wish was quickly granted as hundreds of fans gathered outside Vancouver General Hospital to chant his name. Odijick heard this and was wheeled down to greet and wave to the crowd. Click here to see and hear more on this story!

Good News: 9-Year-Old Basketball Star Being Scouted


Jaden Newman is only 9, but her skills on the basketball court are earning her the attention of one of the nation’s most prestigious college sports programs.  Jaden, a fourth grader from Orlando, Fla.,was sent an official recruitment letter from the University of Miami and has already toured the university’s Coral Gables campus.  Jaden, who at 4-foot-5 is a long way from her first dunk, first made headlines in January when she made the varsity team of her local high school, Downey Christian School, as point guard.  She began playing basketball at the age of 3 with her father Jamie Newman, who is now his daughter’s trainer.  Newman says he is both not surprised that his daughter is being recruited at the collegiate level nor worried that a college is looking at such a young player.  Check out some of her sweet moves here.


Good News: NFL Quarterback Becomes Prom Matchmaker


Robert Griffin III provided some uplifting PR for the Redskins franchise.  Griffin helped a student invite a classmate to prom.  The quarterback showed up at the school, Centreville High in Virginia, to do the honors in person.  Morgan Assel wanted to ask her classmate Juwaan Espinal, who has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair and is non-verbal. According to WJLA, Morgan connected with Griffin through Instagram to give her a hand.  At the school’s lacrosse game, Griffin and Morgan approached Juwaan while hidden behind a sign that read:

“I know I’m not as cool as RGIII, but will you go to … ”

Then Griffin and Assel emerged with a smaller sign that completed the question:

“prom with me?”

See the touching photos here.


Good News: Sox Fan Saves Baby From Bat


The catch itself was unique. After all, bats don’t fly into the stands with the frequency foul balls do at baseball games. But what made Eileen Depesa’s one-handed snag of Tyler Flowers’ errant lumber during Monday’s Cleveland Indians-Chicago White Sox game truly special was who she protected in the process.  The catcher lost his grip on the bat. The piece of equipment went helicoptering down the third-base line and bounced on top of the Sox dugout. That’s when Eileen, who was seated in the first row, reacted quickly. She reached up with her right hand and stopped the bat from going any further. The U.S. Cellular Field crowd gave her a loud ovation for the grab — but all Eileen cared about was the little girl in close proximity to her. “I was more concerned with protecting the baby seated behind me,” the heroine said. And Chicago fans left the game happy too as the home team won 6-2.  Watch this snag here.


Good News: Hockey Star Buys Tickets For Fans


Despite their team being one loss away from elimination at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the enthusiasm of Columbus Blue Jackets fans hasn’t wavered. The “5th Line” started lining up on Sunday night for $40 Game 6 tickets that were going to be released on Monday at 5 p.m.  They brought tents and wore ponchos as heavy rains fell – such is life for the die-hards. But for some of these fans, their insane loyalty was rewarded with an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime visit from a Blue Jackets player.  Forward Cam Atkinson made a surprise appearance at the Nationwide Arena line at 10 p.m. on Sunday night. His girlfriend noticed via Twitter that fans were lining up for tickets; Atkinson and his father decided to head down and show their gratitude.  Cam took pictures with the fans and then went straight for the ATM to buy the first 10 fans in line tickets.  Watch the video of these excited fans here.


Good News: Michigan State Star And Childhood Cancer Victim Now Like Family


Adreian Payne and 8-year old Lacey Holsworth met each other two years ago in a hospital where she was being treated for Neuroblastoma, a rare form of nerve Cancer. The cliche of a star athlete visiting sick kids ended as soon as they met, and now Payne and “Princess Lacey” have become like brother and sister.  Adreian and Lacey were complete strangers prior to meeting in the hospital, but have become family over the last two years.  The two text daily and Payne has made sure that Lacey is part of his Michigan State family.  This was made obvious as Lacey helped Payne cut down the nets after the Spartans won the Big Ten Tournament.  Check out this sweet story here.


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