The Kitchen Table #43: Is It a Jesus Tax? Why 10%?

Do we give 10% or do we simply live generously?  This week on the Shine.FM’s The Kitchen Table podcast, ministry director Brian McIntyre Utter and his son Jake talk at the table about being faith and generous with our time, talent and money. In Music Matters, new music from Crowder with Mandisa and The New Respects, and an oldie, but goldie from Steven Curtis Chapman. In Culture Shock, remembering Rachel Held Evans and why she mattered. Be sure to subscribe to get all our Shine.FM podcasts.

Good News: Dad Wrecks Car to Save Kids

There’s a new hero in the town of Syracuse, UT. A troubled teen raced through a park  in a stolen car, endangering the lives of the children playing there. Bryson Rowley and his family were among the crowd. When Rowley saw the car returning to the park again, he knew something had to be done to protect the innocent lives at risk. So he jumped in his truck and stopped the reckless driver in his tracks – literally. When the video capturing the unbelievable story hit the news, the staff at Car Star were intrigued. They offered to take care of all the repairs, free of charge. As word spread about Rowley’s courageous actions, what started out as $7000 in repairs resulted in additional donated upgrades worth approximately $8000. Click here for more on this heroic dad!

Good News: Random Act of Kidness in South Dakota Walmart

Carol Flynn of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, didn’t know anyone was watching when she paid for diapers for the Walmart customer ahead of her who learned at the check-out that she could only price match one set, forcing her to set aside three boxes. Flynn, 73, also had no idea that another customer caught the random act of kindness on his cell phone on Sunday night, only to share on Facebook what would become a viral video. Click here to see this amazing generosity caught on tape!

Good News: Indianapolis Doctors Perform Intensive Surgery on Boy for Free

Two Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital surgeons recently gave one little boy a new skull and a new life, free of charge. The Pettelliers were busy conducting theological mission work in Zimbabwe when they noticed something was wrong with their youngest son, Liam. They discovered the 2-year-old suffered from craniosyntosis, a rare skull deformation that requires intense reconstructive surgery. South African doctors were unable to perform the operation so the family looked to St. Vincent pediatric surgeons to help Liam. Drs. Jason Blockson and Ronald Young were able to not only complete the procedure with success, but also wrote off all bills so the surgery was at no cost to the family. Click here to learn more about Liam and the incredible generosity of his surgeons!

Good News: Utah Town Helps Airman Through Facebook

How many of us go onto Facebook just to see what our friends are doing? Well here is a story of an airman (just back in the country after 7 years oversees) that was making his way from his home in Vancouver, Washington to report for duty in Texas. As Staff Sergeant Rowan Coash was driving through Utah his car broke down. He called a friend in Washington while he waited for a tow truck. His friend Erica posted on Facebook “Anybody out there in Facebook Land near Price, Utah and willing to help a soldier?”. He got a rental truck and left his car behind in order to report on time. The Facebook posts continued to spread and inspired a car repair shop to donate time to rebuild the engine of his car at no cost. They also were able to ship the car to Rowan in Texas, again at no charge. Click here to hear more about this story!

Good News: Shine.FM Good News Story Sparks Another


After hearing about this Mass Mob story on Shine.FM recently, the parishioners at St. Liborius Catholic Church in Steger put together their first “Mass mob,” bringing more than 80 of their members to services at St. Mary’s in rural Iroquois County. They knew about Beaverville, because the pastor there used to be their pastor.  They knew that he had a beautiful church, but a very small number of families. So they thought it would be good to see him and help fill the church up a little bit.  Working on the campaign for a month, the St. Liborius parishioners carpooled and more than 80 made the hour-long trip. They even staged a potluck dinner in the St. Mary’s Parish Hall, so there could be more time spent with their former pastor.  Read more about how Good News spreads here!


Good News: Youtube Prankster Helps Homeless Man


A YouTube prankster has taken his acts of charity to a new level, raising enough money to put a roof over the head of a homeless man. Rahat is usually pranking drive-through workers or acting out illusions such as walking on water through his “Magic of Rahat” YouTube channel. But in March, the magician staged a prank, which received 15 million views, in which he helped a homeless man cash a fake lottery ticket. The “winning” ticket was part of an elaborate stunt to raise the man’s spirits and give him $1,000. Since then, viewers have reached out to Rahat with more donations.  The homeless man, Eric, has since appeared in some of Rahat’s videos. In the magician’s latest piece, Eric is once again the focal point.  “Homeless Man Gets A Home” starts with Rahat revealing that he received $44,000 in donations and then breaks down how the money will be used to help Eric.  And before the end of the video, Eric has a job and a new home!  Watch this video here.


Good News: Hockey Star Buys Tickets For Fans


Despite their team being one loss away from elimination at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the enthusiasm of Columbus Blue Jackets fans hasn’t wavered. The “5th Line” started lining up on Sunday night for $40 Game 6 tickets that were going to be released on Monday at 5 p.m.  They brought tents and wore ponchos as heavy rains fell – such is life for the die-hards. But for some of these fans, their insane loyalty was rewarded with an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime visit from a Blue Jackets player.  Forward Cam Atkinson made a surprise appearance at the Nationwide Arena line at 10 p.m. on Sunday night. His girlfriend noticed via Twitter that fans were lining up for tickets; Atkinson and his father decided to head down and show their gratitude.  Cam took pictures with the fans and then went straight for the ATM to buy the first 10 fans in line tickets.  Watch the video of these excited fans here.


Good News: 2-Year-Old Receives Kidney From Stranger


A little girl’s life is being saved by the power of social media.  Arianna has needed a kidney transplant since being diagnosed with Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis right after birth. The disease is scarring her kidneys.  Tiny Arianna has been on dialysis for 10 hours a day, every single day, for the majority of her life. But all that is about to change, thanks to a complete stranger who lives 1,500 miles away from the family.  When Christy Harding, of Jacksonville, Fla., came across the ALL4MOORE Facebook page that was supporting and following Arianna through her difficult health journey, she felt compelled to do something to help.  Turns out she was a perfect match (and had some other surprises in store for this family).  Read more about this incredible act of good will here.



Good News: Huge Tip Saves Waitress’s Dog


Before Saturday night, Christina didn’t know how she would be able to afford her dog Tucker’s surgery. The 37-year-old waitress was working three jobs, but still struggled financially, and Tucker immediately needed an operation. She found herself sharing her pet story with a nice couple she was serving at the Holiday Inn.  Then, fortune turned in her favor. After hearing about her puppy, the couple left Christina a $1,000 tip on an $80 bill, with instructions to put the money only toward the vet.  She was hysterical.  In addition to working at the bar on weekends, Christina is a full-time chef at the hotel, and picks up hours at a local deli when she finds the time.  She also volunteers 40 hours a week with a pit bull rescue center.  She said she feels like God has chosen her to be the voice of animals.  Awww!  Check out the full story (and a cute picture of Tucker) here.