Stress Free Holiday


It’s the day before Christmas, and panic’s begun—because the in-laws drove up, and the doorbell has rung.

For many people, the stress of hosting family can be overwhelming. But here are a few tips to keep the warmth of the holidays burning bright in your home.

Don’t exhaust yourself trying to spend time with everyone, and politely avoid any relationship that could be destructive.

On the other hand, consider mending relationships that need repair and give the gift of forgiveness.

Finally, don’t expect perfection. Things can and usually go wrong when family gets together. Expect it, and don’t sweat it.

Time with family and friends can boost or bust your emotional health. Decide today to choose joy, drop your expectations, and savor the moments—instead of stressing over them. You can exchange a “Harried Christmas” for a Merry one.

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