Highchair Safety

Is mealtime becoming more dangerous? It may be, for your baby—and the reason may not sit well with you.

The number of children going to the emergency room because of high chair injuries has risen over twenty percent in the last seven years. Many kids suffered head injuries including concussions and internal trauma.

Is it time to write high chair manufacturers or demand better safety standards? Nope. It’s time to look in the mirror mom and dad. The majority of injuries occurred when kids were standing in their chairs or climbing out of them. They weren’t properly supervised or strapped in.

Fortunately, there’s a simple rule parents can follow, which reduces the vast majority of infant injury. Any high chair worth dining at should have a restraint system. So treat your high chair like you would a car seat—and buckle up.

 Stronger Families. Stronger Communities. I’m Dr. Walt Larimore for Shine dot FM.

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