Anxious Adolescence


You work hard and have so much stress and pressure to deal with. Oh, to be a kid again where life is so carefree!

Actually, you kids may be struggling even more than you are.

In a new study, forty percent of teens said they suffered from irritability or anger, while almost as many felt anxiety, depression, or sadness. The main culprit: stress.

And this stress can destroy a child’s ability to keep up in school, have healthy relationships, and avoid substance abuse. Plus, stress damages physical health through loss of sleep or poor eating habits. It’s a destructive domino effect many parents aren’t even aware of.

Teens need your help. Stay tuned to your child’s moods, academic performance, and changes in behavior—and talk to them about stress.  Encourage them to pray, exercise, journal, and find healthy ways to make adolescence less anxious.

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