A Happy Ending


It’s a moment most of us dread—a solemn-faced doctor enters a room, looks you in the eyes, and says you only have a few months to live.

As a doctor, I’ve had to deliver that news, and it’s never easy. Yet, there’s something that can make a difference for most terminal patients.

Researchers interviewed people with a life expectancy of three months or less. Patients were asked about suicidal thoughts, depression, hopelessness, and other life issues.

Those who dealt with their condition the best and didn’t wish to hasten their death were found to have a strong sense of spiritual well-being.

Actually, numerous studies have shown spirituality to have positive benefits emotionally and physically. Don’t wait for the bad news. Consider involving yourself in a faith community as a positive step for your overall health. Even at the end of your story, there can be a happy ending.

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