SACKed May 13, 2014

This week’s SACKed idea is a Shine.FM favorite — the Drive-Thru Difference!  Just print a SACKed card from our website, take it to the drive-thru, and pay for the person’s order behind you!  You could be the reason for a story like this from Kelly:

“I just wanted to send you this message this morning I was down to my last two dollars and 50 cents in my wallet really wanted coffee and some breakfast so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts in Joliet on Hobart Road.  I ordered a medium coffee and a hash brown because I knew I would have just enough money for that.  When I came to the drive thru window, I was told that the person in front of me paid for me. I have done in the past what I’ve had extra money.  I feel so blessed this morning that someone did that for me when I don’t have the money. I’ve been kind of down all week because we are low on money and I believe that was God’s Way of telling me it will be okay.  Thanks to the stranger who paid for my coffee and breakfast this morning!”

It’s just another fun, low-cost way to make a difference in someone’s day! Then call us to share your story at 855-98-SHINE!


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