What NOT To Say To Singles


Today is Valentine’s Day and tomorrow is Singles Awareness Day, so between the two, your single lady friends may be having a bit of a hard time.  For Lisa’s Home School, learn what NOT to say to single friends in the next two days — or maybe never!  Most of the time, we mean well, but it comes as a backhanded compliment.  Let’s not!


Quick, Easy, And Meaningful Valentine’s Day For Everyone


Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve heard it before, but this idea is REALLY easy and heartfelt.  All you have to do is cut out paper hearts (bonus points for color and size variety) and write one thing you love about the recipient on each heart.  Then, tape the hearts to their doors so when they wake up on Valentine’s Day, they’ll feel loved and encouraged!  Check it out here.


Valentine’s Ideas For Everyone


Single, married, in an unhappy relationship?  Anyone can participate in these Valentine’s Day ideas.  After all, Valentine’s Day is (a made-up holiday) about LOVE.  So no matter how you celebrate, don’t forget to spread some love and hope this Friday.  Try celebrating your friendships, volunteering at your favorite charity, or enjoying a night with your kiddos.  Check out more in Lisa’s Home School.