Lisa’s Home School: Washer Machine Tip

Do you wash your clothes with cold water? You may want to reevaluate! Listen here!


Lisa’s Home School: Washer Machine Tip



Lisa’s Home School: Homemade Chipwitches

Lisa’s shares a new way to make a fan favorite treat, the cookie ice cream sandwich, right here:

Lisa’s Home School: Chipwitches

Lisa’s Home School: Gadgets to Protect Car

Want to be extra cautious for your car this season? Lisa has gadgets that can help. Listen here!


Lisa’s Home School: Gadgets to Protect Car

Lisa’s Home School: Toddler Manners

Listen here as Lisa’s shares how to teach toddlers essential manners that will benefit them as a child and in their maturation growing up.

Lisa’s Home School: Toddler Manners

Lisa’s Home School: Avoid Moody Mondays

Some kids just can’t get up in the morning. Some don’t like to be rushed. Some don’t function well when they first wake up. Some are tired from not getting enough sleep. Find our how to avoid the Moody Mondays on today’s Lisa’s Home School.

Lisa’s Home School: Apples In A Bag

What crazy thing do you eat when you crave something sweet but there are no obvious desserts in the house? She told me about microwaving a sliced apple to use as a quick addition to oatmeal or ice cream. Listen for more at Lisa’s Home School here.

Lisa’s Home School – Apples in a Bag

Tips For Tricky Stains

Hey, it’s Bekah. Being newly married means taking on new challenges, like my husband’s work shirts that get greasy from tools and machine parts. It’s always nice to have a little refresher on some of life’s trickier stains. You can check out 10 ways to get rid of those stains here.

What’s Your Home Remedy?

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and I was hoping that I would get through the winter without a cold, but it looks like my 4 1/2 month old Caleb and I are sharing the “sniffling love” this week. My wife and I love to try home remedies and some friends suggested cutting onions or garlic and places them around the house. We like onions…and we’re thinking about it. What’s your home remedy for helping a cold? I’d love to hear yours!

Healthy Baking: Surprising Butter Substitutes

Baking calms the mind and feeds the soul, but all that buttery goodness can pack on the pounds. If looking to make healthier baked goods, omitting some or all of the butter from your favorite recipes greatly reduce the amount of calories, fat, and cholesterol in your sweet treats. Here are some great substitutes.