Good News: Best Friends (A Goat And A Donkey) Reunited


A goat named Mr. G received the surprise of his life recently when he was reunited with his best friend, a donkey named Jellybean. The pair’s inspiring friendship began when they lived together for years in the menagerie of a hoarder; after her brood was taken away from her, Mr. G and Jellybean were split up between two different sanctuaries.   Mr. G was taken to California’s Animal Place, where the owners soon noted his emotional distress. The buck sat in his pen all day, refusing to eat or even move.  Tests revealed there was nothing medically wrong with him – Mr G’s only disease was loneliness. After four days of Mr. G’s unofficial hunger strike, Animal Place realized something needed to be done. The sanctuary workers contacted their counterparts and asked if they could take Jellybean in as well. The donkey arrived three days later. Upon seeing his pal again, the goat instantly perked up, but as Animal Place described, “It was only when he smelled Jellybean’s unique scent that Mr. G realized the truth – his dearest friend had returned!”  Watch the touching reunion here.


Good News: Airman Surprises Daughter At Graduation


A high school senior who cried on her way to graduation because her father, a deployed member of the U.S. Air Force, would not be there, got the surprise of her life after receiving her diploma.  Taylor had no idea what to expect Sunday when the principal of Grand Forks Central High School called her back up to the stage at the end of graduation.  In the audience, her mother, Paige, says she was a little upset that the principal would call out her daughter, whom everyone knew was upset that her father was missing another one of her senior year moments since being deployed to Cuba in January.  Watching it all from the audience with the Crafton family was a cardboard cut-out of Taylor’s dad, Chief Master Sergeant Chris Crafton, which Taylor had named “Flat Daddy” and carried with her to prom and other senior year milestones.  At this milestone, however, “Flat Daddy” was put aside when Sgt. Crafton himself rushed onto the graduation stage to surprise his daughter.  Grab the tissues and watch this video here.


Good News: Army Vet Reunites With His Bomb-Sniffing Dog


One of the hardest things for Army Sgt. Jason Bos to do in 2012 when a back injury forced him to retire from the military was say goodbye to his beloved bomb-sniffing dog he had affectionately nicknamed Cici.  The two had worked closely together for five years in Iraq sniffing out roadside bombs and searching for hidden weapons, ultimately forming a bond that Jason would not soon forget.  The chocolate lab was only 5 when Jason left the military, meaning she still had plenty of good years left to stay and put her doggie-duties to work. About a month ago, however, Jason came across a posting on Facebook explaining that Cici was due to be retired.  It wasn’t long before the kennel master at Jason’s former base got in touch with the soldier about formally adopting her. Jason jumped at the chance to be reunited with his four-legged friend, and a truly touching moment happened last at Chicago O’Hare airport.  Grab some tissues and watch it here.