Mini-Resolution No 21: Share Shine.FM

Today’s mini-resolution is an easy one!  Share The New Shine.FM with a friend who may need some encouragement today.  You never know how God will use a song to make a difference in their day!

8 Goals To Make For Your Family

Create more joy.  Institute a no-complaining rule.  Some of the best mommy-bloggers share the goals they made for their families in 2013 in Lisa’s Home School.

Mini-Resolution No 19: Spread the Love

Happy Saturday!  Today’s mini-resolution is to tell the people in your life that you love them!  You can say it with a song, a note, or even a hug.  Spread the love today!

Mini-Resolution No. 16 – Power Down

Today’s mini-resolution is to power down!  Take some time tonight to turn off your phone, TV, and, yes, even your radio, to focus on those you are spending time with.  If you need help with that, take a look at this handy cell phone lock-up!