Good News: Best Friends (A Goat And A Donkey) Reunited


A goat named Mr. G received the surprise of his life recently when he was reunited with his best friend, a donkey named Jellybean. The pair’s inspiring friendship began when they lived together for years in the menagerie of a hoarder; after her brood was taken away from her, Mr. G and Jellybean were split up between two different sanctuaries.   Mr. G was taken to California’s Animal Place, where the owners soon noted his emotional distress. The buck sat in his pen all day, refusing to eat or even move.  Tests revealed there was nothing medically wrong with him – Mr G’s only disease was loneliness. After four days of Mr. G’s unofficial hunger strike, Animal Place realized something needed to be done. The sanctuary workers contacted their counterparts and asked if they could take Jellybean in as well. The donkey arrived three days later. Upon seeing his pal again, the goat instantly perked up, but as Animal Place described, “It was only when he smelled Jellybean’s unique scent that Mr. G realized the truth – his dearest friend had returned!”  Watch the touching reunion here.


Good News: 4 Dogs Pray Before Eating


So, four dogs sit together in a Chinese kitchen. No, that is not the start of an awful joke, but rather the premise for a YouTube video with almost 90,000 views.  The pets featured in the clip are a poodle, a yellow lab and two golden retrievers. All of the dogs sit in front of a bench as a woman in the background prepares their meal. Just before the food is placed in front of them, the woman instructs them to bow their heads. The animals obediently keep their heads lowered as she says a quick prayer. Once she concludes with “Amen,” all of the dogs lift their heads and begin to eat.  And they’re just getting started. When the dogs finish, they lick their bowls empty, pick them off the bench and hand them to the owner — dogs that pray, eat and clean up after themselves. Watch this amazing video here.


Good News: Huge Tip Saves Waitress’s Dog


Before Saturday night, Christina didn’t know how she would be able to afford her dog Tucker’s surgery. The 37-year-old waitress was working three jobs, but still struggled financially, and Tucker immediately needed an operation. She found herself sharing her pet story with a nice couple she was serving at the Holiday Inn.  Then, fortune turned in her favor. After hearing about her puppy, the couple left Christina a $1,000 tip on an $80 bill, with instructions to put the money only toward the vet.  She was hysterical.  In addition to working at the bar on weekends, Christina is a full-time chef at the hotel, and picks up hours at a local deli when she finds the time.  She also volunteers 40 hours a week with a pit bull rescue center.  She said she feels like God has chosen her to be the voice of animals.  Awww!  Check out the full story (and a cute picture of Tucker) here.


Good News: US Olympians Adopt Sochi Strays


Russia reportedly ordered the extermination of hundreds of stray dogs in the Olympic Village before the games, but do-gooders did what they could to help!  Shelters were set up, and good samaritans have been trying to rescue the animals.  U.S. freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy plans to adopt not one, but five dogs — a mama and her four puppies — from Sochi.  Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis might not be going home with a medal from the Sochi Winter Olympics, but she will be going home with an adorable new friend.  Jacobellis adopted one of Sochi’s many stray dogs before heading back to the United States.  See their cute pups here!


Police Department Salutes K-9 Kaiser


The heartbreaking photo of a police dog entering an animal hospital where he was put down after two years of service to a small town’s police department has gone viral.  Kaiser, a 2-year-old German Shepherd who had severe kidney disease, made his final journey to the Court Street Animal Hospital in Plymouth, Mass., on Friday.  Officers lined up to salute the brave K-9.  Check out this heartbreaking picture here!

Good News: Blind Dog Gets Seeing-Eye Cat


I love this story! When 8-year-old Labrador mix Terfel started losing his eyesight, he was diagnosed with cataracts and began confining himself to his bed to avoid bumping into things.  But then he met a cat.  The cat, named Pwditat, approached Terfel and seemed to sense that he couldn’t see. Using her paws, she coaxed him out of his basket and led him out into the garden.  Now, the two are inseparable!  Watch the video here.

Good News: Comfort For Cats

I love fun animal stories!  This one is great.  Cheetahs are the fastest mammals in the world, but as it turns out, they are also the world’s biggest scaredy-cats!  So much so that they don’t breed easily and are in danger of going extinct.  In a fun little twisted love story, some zoos are introducing companion dogs to clam the cats.  They serve as playmates and provide the cats with guidance.  Read the full “tail” here.