Shine.FM Top 20 – August 2013

  1. Matthew West – Hello, My Name Is
  2. Sidewalk Prophets – Help Me Find It
  3. Building 429 – We Won’t Be Shaken
  4. Jeremy Camp – My God
  5. tobyMac – Steal My Show
  6. Hawk Nelson – Words
  7. Third Day – Your Love Is Like A River
  8. The Afters – Every Good Thing
  9. Newsboys – Live With Abandon
  10. Sanctus Real – Pray
  11. Citizen Way – Nothing Ever
  12. Kristian Stanfill – The Lord Our God
  13. Tim Timmons – Starts With Me
  14. Aaron Shust – God Of Brilliant Lights
  15. Rend Collective Experiment – Build Your Kingdom Here
  16. Big Daddy Weave – The Only Name
  17. Phillips, Craig & Dean – Great, Great God
  18. Newsboys – Live With Abandon
  19. Love & The Outcome – He Is With Us
  20. Matt Maher – Lord, I Need You

Chris August “Restore”

“Mine is ‘Restore’ by Chris August. My husband had stop saying he loved me and then told me he did not love me and wanted a divorce. I heard this song for the first time. I was already asking God to restore my marriage and I feel God gave me this song just when I needed it. Love this Chris August song. It speaks to me from God.” – Lynn

Kari Jobe “We Are”

“’We Are’ by Kari Jobe. It always reminds me that what I may not think is a big deal, other people see and realize that something’s different about me. It helps me to remember that what other people see me do and how I act is a reflection of my heart and that I can’t just say I’m a follower of God and then not act like it.” – Meagan

Artist Spotlight Weekend: Sidewalk Prophets “Live Like That”

Join us this weekend and look at the music and ministry of the Sidewalk Prophets and give you a chance to win their latest CD “Live Like That” featuring the hit song “Help Me Find It”. Simply text WINMUSIC to 66937 or like & share the cover photo on our Facebook page for chance to win.

Tenth Avenue North “Losing”

“Driving to work today I heard ‘Losing’ by Tenth Avenue North. I have been struggling lately with feelings of jealousy and disappointment at the seemingly fabulous relationship that my oldest daughter has with her stepmother. This song struck me today and helped me realize that by having these feelings, I’m actually the one who’s losing and being hurt. I realized that I should be happy that she (stepmom) is good to my girls and that she’s also just trying to fit in and not necessarily take over my position as the mom. I gave my insecurities to God, thanking Him for always being there and helping me to always remember that no one can take my place or give the same things that I have to give.” – Karin

Britt Nicole “Gold”

“I will definitely be getting the song “Gold’ by Britt Nicole. I volunteered to coach my daughter’s cheer team. So out of my normal, but I’m doing it. I decided I wanted to do our halftime show to this song. Thanks you so much. I love Shine. Your music and messages mean so much to me. I can be having the worst day and I turn on your station and I’m instantly better. I have been through a lot, but one thing for sure is I have a God who loves me and will never leave me-even after everything I have done. His grace is more than enough! Thank you all again.” – Anna

Big Daddy Weave “I Am Redeemed”

God has held me together and loved me unconditionally and reminded me time and time again, I am not who I used to be ‘I am Redeemed’! This happened rather recently and blessed me in such wonderful ways! Right after spending the morning in prayer and listening for God’s answer through reading His Word, I immediately turned on and I can’t even begin to tell you how all the music and talk has inspired me. I have felt the Holy Spirit move on my heart while listening to your station more and more and so the following was just one of many days that a song such as ‘I am Redeemed’ played on your station and I was incredibly blessed by it. I submit the following:

No matter how hopeless things may seem to you or I, I choose to believe and receive many blessings as I am willing to try. As I focus on God’s awesome love for me and for us all I can know He’s right here to catch me no matter how great my fall. It’s God’s love and His amazing grace shown by His selfless sacrifice. I am redeemed, loved beyond measure, because my Jesus paid the ultimate price

As a little child learning to walk, step by step, I never could have imagined the blessings I’ve received nor those I have waiting for me yet. My morning prayers include that for all who look at me, at my heart and at my life, it’s God’s love and light they see. So, thank you, Jesus for taking me from lost to born again.

I am forever grateful knowing ours is a love story that will never ever end.”

– Debbie

Love & The Outcome: He Is With Us

For Chris Rademaker and Jodi King, Love & The Outcome is both a name and a literal life story. The duo sold their Winnipeg condo en route to a high-stakes musical road trip that has seen them criss-cross Canada, Liberia, the Philippines and China, winning over fans both emotionally and spiritually with their blend of effervescent pop. Co-written by vocalist Jodi, and her husband, bass player Chris, “He Is With Us” is an unabashed sing-along anthem that stomps and chimes its way to the catchiest of choruses: “He is with us, he is with us/ Always, always.” It reminds listeners that no matter how dark it gets, how alone we feel, we should take refuge in the knowledge that He is with us. Hear it on and watch the video here.

Artist Spotlight Weekend: Kutless “Believer”

Join us this weekend and look at the music and ministry of Kutless and give you a chance to win their latest CD “Beleiver” featuring the hit song “Even If”. Simply text WINMUSIC to 66937 or like & share the cover photo on our Facebook page for chance to win.

Skillet To Perform Title Song Of “Rise” On Conan O’Brien Thursday

By Nicole Lafond

Following the recent release of Skillet’s new album, the band has announced plans to play their title track “Rise” on The Conan O’Brien Show Thursday night.

“Rise” was released on June 25 of this year through the band’s record label, Atlantic Records, The Examiner reported.

The album took three years to write and began with 72 demos written by lead singer John Cooper and Scott Stevens, according to Cooper. Cooper called the album “inspiring and hopeful” despite the aggressive and dark overtones.

“It is encouraging to all of us that even though we are living in a dark world with bombings, school shootings, floods and hurricanes, there is hope and we want our lives to matter,” Cooper told the Digital Journal. “I hope people listen to the album and relate to it.”

The band’s appearance on Conan O’Brien will serve to promote the band’s new album as well as their upcoming international tour set to launch in South America in August.

Lead guitarist, Seth Morrison, told the Portsmouth Daily Times he was “nervous” for the bands appearance on the show.

“He was always the late night guy I watched when growing up,” Morrison said. “It’ll be fun.”

The show will be on TBS at 11 p.m. EST on Thursday, July 11. Artist John Malkovich will be featured on the show as well.