Shine.FM Momcast #18: Can’t Steal My Joy with guest Bekah Bowman

Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe as she welcomes guest Bekah Bowman, author of “Can’t Steal My Joy.”.  Bekah shares the heartbreak of a fatal diagnosis for not just one, but both of her children. As she journeyed through dark valleys of death, it was there she experienced Jesus in a whole new way – in deeply broken places. They also discuss community and how as the body of Christ we can show up for people when they need it most. You can get Bekah’s book here

Shine.FM Momcast #14: Nutritional Supplements with Theresa Lawson

Heather’s guest on this episode of Shine.FM’s Momcast is Theresa Lawson.  Theresa’s a mom of 11 and a registered nurse.  Today she shares how nutritional supplements changed her health.  You can find out more info about Theresa and her company at Health Family Life or by calling 833-910-HOPE (4673).

Shine.FM Momcast #12: Parenting a Special Needs Child

Today on the Shine.FM Momcast our guest is Stacy Faulkner. She is a wife, mom and Digital Relations and Event Coordinator at Hopefm and Power 883 in Port Huron, MI.  Today we hear Stacy’s story of longing for a child, adopting a child, and now the challenges and joys that come from be a mom of a special needs child.

Shine.FM Momcast #11: Funding Your Child’s Education

Today on the Shine.FM Momcast is Joseph Duea, CLTC, FIC; Workshop Speaker and Church Relationships.  He is an advisor wtih Thrivent Scholars Advisor Network.  We are discussing saving for your child’s college education and how financial aid works and the admissions process.There are a couple of events coming up to get more April 23 and 24th, 2019 8pm at All Saints Lutheran Church in Orland Park, IL.  Joe talks about the Thrivent Students Resources page:

Shine.FM Momcast #10: Ministering to Widows

Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe this week a she talks with special guest Laura Warfel.  Laura is a widow who now has a minsitry to widows.  Find out more about Laura at  Laura shares her experience and how we as the body of Christ can come alongside widows in the church.

Shine.FM MomCast #9: Post-Abortion Hope and Healing

(Parental Warning: Due to some graphic content, this podcast is cautioned for children under age 13)
Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe this week a she talks with special guest Aimee Beltran.  Aimee is the Director of Community Impact at Northpointe Community Church in Dewitt, Michigan.  She is also a leader of Surrendering the Secret post-abortive groups.  Aimee shares her story of healing and more about groups that help women who are post-abortive. You can find out more about post-abortive groups across the country at Surrendering the Secret.

Shine.FM Momcast #4: Returning to the Workplace After Having Children with guest Melissa Keeley

Join Shine.FM’s Heather Erbe as she welcomes Melissa Keeley for this episode of the Momcast. Melissa shares her story of returning to the workplace after having her first two children.