Couponing Lingo: Decoded


Couponing is a great way to save money!  You hear those stories and see those reality TV moms checking out with 3 shopping carts and then somehow they end up only paying $37!  But if you’re new to the couponing world, the lingo can be a bit confusing.  Find out more in Lisa’s Home School.

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Best Deals In June


June isn’t exactly known as the most bargain-hunter friendly month, but if you’re armed with the right information, you can find some great deals!  June is the beginning of the Caribbean hurricane season, BUT the chance of bad weather results in cheaper vacation packages, if you dare.  Plus, June is the month that starts the back-to-school laptop sales.  Find these deals and more in Lisa’s Home School.

State Of The Plate


The offering plate, that is.  A major study regarding tithing is about to be released.  Researcher Brian Kluth says that, among other findings, tithers are better off financially.  Check it out here.

Cheap Gifts For College Grads


It’s college graduation time!  If you’ve been invited to a party (or 10!), you’ve got to budget for those gifts.  In Lisa’s Home School, discover some cheap and relevant gifts for college grads!

Time For An Online Shopping Spree

In Lisa’s Home School, get the scoop on how to save a bundle of money if you’re in the market for some electronics, furniture, or jewelry!  If you’re ready for an online shopping spree, better to get to it before Congress passes the Marketplace Fairness Act, requiring online retailers to collect sales tax!

To Lease Or To Buy – That Is The Question

Is it actually smarter for you to lease your next car?  Well, studies are showing that if you always have car payment, then it probably is more beneficial to lease your next vehicle.  Get the scoop in Lisa’s Home School.

Virtual Piggy Bank

Looking for a fun and easy way to teach your children financial management skills?  In Lisa’s Home School, learn about how a free website, Virtual Piggy, can help your children track their earnings online.  They learn how to save, spend, and give the money they earn. Your children can learn practical life skills and become financially literate, while keeping parents in complete control.

How To Get Your Tax Refund As Fast As Possible:

Yes, sometimes the IRS is to blame for the slow processing of your tax refund.  Other times, it might be you!  In Lisa’s Home School, learn some tips to get your tax refund back as quickly as possible.