SACKed May 23rd


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This week’s SACKed idea is to celebrate Memorial Day and honor our Veterans and military men and women currently serving their country.  There are lots of ways you can bless a soldier or his/her family this week.  One idea is to write a thank you note to a veteran that you know.  Another is to send a care package to a solider serving overseas.  Be creative this week as we SACK those who fight for our freedom on a daily basis.  Then call us to share your story at 855-98-SHINE!

Adopt A Solider Today!


Sometimes the meaning of Memorial Day gets lost with the fun of a 3-day weekend and nearing the end of the school year.  And how do you teach your kids about such an important topic?  In Lisa’s Home School, check out some fun ways to teach your kids about freedom.  From parades and crafts, to adopting a soldier or veteran, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the sacrifices it takes to keep this a free country!

Good News: Soldier’s Stock Car Surprise


When his orders came to deploy to Afghanistan in June of last year, Steve Barrett set aside his biggest project; rebuilding the stock race car he’d run for years but wrecked in April 2012. After 10 months overseas, Barrett returned last month, and his friends and family welcomed him back to his home track with a little ceremony — and a new Super Stock race car, built for him in secret!  Watch this emotional video here.

Desserts For Your Memorial Day Weekend


Who’s up for some super cute desserts to kick off your Memorial Day weekend?  Check out Lisa’s Home School for patriotic and other yummy desserts, like red, white and blue stuffed strawberries and red, white and blue cake in a jar!  Happy Memorial Day!