Good News Story: Through Sickness and Health

After walking 250 miles for more than a year in hopes of finding a kidney donor for his ailing wife. A man found not only a willing, but medically suitable, donor, but one that’s the perfect match. Hear more of this man’s love for his wife and the stranger willing to give up a kidney here.

Good News Story: Through Sickness and Health

“Sweet Lorraine”


Have your heard about Fred and the sweet song he wrote for his wife of 73 years? Fred is 96-years old and his “Sweet Lorraine” went home to Jesus earlier this summer, and shortly afterwards he wrote these lyrics and entered a songwriting contest. It’s an incredible love story, and one that’s encouraged me to one day write a song for my beautiful bride too. Thanks Fred for the inspiration! Oh, and you might want to grab a few tissues!

~Garrett from Shine Afternoons


Good News: Childhood Sweethearts Marry


For most, the thought of marrying your childhood sweetheart is ridiculous!  But for Jake and Sarah, this childhood fantasy actually came true. They met when they were just three years old, and tied the knot on July 27 this year in Boston.  In honor of their roots, they used a nostalgic photo taken on a carousel for their save-the-date.  They recreated the photo on their wedding day and now, it’s gone viral!  See this adorable couple here.

Good News: Young Widowed Couple Finds Love Again


Jessica’s husband Jarronn was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2009, just two and a half months after their wedding.  Jordan, who is a New York City lawyer who turned into a pastor, lost his wife Danielle to a rare heart sarcoma in 2011, a little more than two years after they were married.  Jessica began blogging as soon as she lost her husband, and when Jordan’s wife passed away, his friends sent him Jessica’s blog to read.  He said he couldn’t even click on the link, but did start blogging as well.  Friends on both sides urged them to reach out to each other because they shared the same heartbreaking experience.  The first time they met, they talked for hours about how they knew they’d never get excited about another person again, and how life will never be the same.  But then they realized that they were getting excited about each other!  They got married a couple weeks ago and are now honeymooning.  The couple and their families give all the credit to God for this amazing love story and testimony!  See their wedding video here.



Good News: Soldier’s WW II Letters To Wife Arrive To Son 69 Years Later


When 71-year-old Chuck opened his mailbox last week, he found a handwritten letter postmarked from Australia.  He had visited Australia, but didn’t remember meeting the letter writer, John Armstrong.  But when Chuck opened the letter, his confusion changed to amazement. John, an Australian stamp collector, had sent Chuck a scanned image of an envelope that was addressed in his own father’s distinctive handwriting.  John had written to ask if this letter was from his father.  He said he actually had 2 letters from Chris, Chuck’s father, who had been serving in the Army in Italy during World War II.  They were addressed to his mother Phyllis.  Once John had confirmation from Chuck that he had the right family, he mailed the letters.  Chuck, whose parents have already passed away, said he was grateful for the kindness of a stranger and overwhelmed reading the sweet letters from his dad to his mom.  And the coolest part of the story?  The letters arrived at Chuck’s house on June 23rd, and one of the letters was also postmarked June 23rd, 1944.  Check these letters out here.

Meet Your Match


If you’re single and looking, you’ve probably tried lots of ways to meet someone.  You’ve probably asked your family, but what about your extended family?  A friend of a cousin’s cousin perhaps?  It could happen!  Check out Lisa’s Home School to find 7 new ways to meet your match. 

Coded Letter Leads To A Love 6 Decades In The Making


63 years ago, teenagers Cynthia and Howard worked together, counting plankton at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, and they beat back boredom by writing innocent notes to each other on paper towels, penned in a simple code they’d created.  That was 63 years ago.  And last year, Cynthia received a note, in code, that said “I Never Stopped Loving You.”  She knew exactly who it was from.  The problem was that his return address was latitude and longitude – and the wrong coordinates!  She finally found an old address and sent him a letter, just in case it was his house.  They corresponded via letters and gifts for almost a year, before Cynthia summoned all of her courage to go meet Howard again in person.  Last time she saw him she was 18, and now she was 81.  Howard is now 90, and met her at the train station with a rose.  They sat on the porch swing at his house and held hands.  He proposed within an hour!  And they just got married last week!!!  He calls the entire experience GRAND.  Check out these two love birds here.

Good News: Soul Surfer Finds Soul Mate



Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer whose inspirational life story was made into a feature movie titled “Soul Surfer,” appears to have found her soul mate.  Bethany, who ten years ago lost her left arm to a shark while surfing, is engaged to her boyfriend Adam.  Bethany said she knows the Lord brought them together for His purpose, and they can’t wait to start their lives together!  Read the full story here.

Good News: Teenage Lovebirds Reunited

A lovesick British couple whose teen romance dissolved under the weight of parental disapproval has reunited and married—six decades after splitting up.  78-year-old Eileen said that they have just picked up right where they left off.  They are just like teenagers in love!  It’s like they’ve never been apart.  Read all about these lovebirds here.  Congrats Eileen and Warner!

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Secrets From A 73-Year Marriage

Nothing like true love on a Monday!  Today, in Lisa’s Home School, I share the secrets to a happy marriage from 94-year-old Cutie Cooper, who has been married to her husband for more than 73 years!

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