Quick, Easy, And Meaningful Valentine’s Day For Everyone


Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve heard it before, but this idea is REALLY easy and heartfelt.  All you have to do is cut out paper hearts (bonus points for color and size variety) and write one thing you love about the recipient on each heart.  Then, tape the hearts to their doors so when they wake up on Valentine’s Day, they’ll feel loved and encouraged!  Check it out here.


Good News: U.S. Olympian Sends His Heart Home


Home is where the heart is—or hearts in the case of U.S. freeskier David Wise.  David, the overwhelming favorite to win the freestyle skiing halfpipe competition at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, has a collection of heart-shaped rocks on a brick windowsill outside the family home in Reno, Nevada.  He found a PERFECT heart rock for his wife in Sochi.  Long ago, he started a tradition of collecting heart-shaped rocks and bringing them home to his wife to show her that he was thinking of her while he was gone. They can be from anything as simple as a short hike or fishing trip, or anything as complex as a trip to Russia.  Check it out here.  Watch David compete on the 18th!


Valentine’s Ideas For Everyone


Single, married, in an unhappy relationship?  Anyone can participate in these Valentine’s Day ideas.  After all, Valentine’s Day is (a made-up holiday) about LOVE.  So no matter how you celebrate, don’t forget to spread some love and hope this Friday.  Try celebrating your friendships, volunteering at your favorite charity, or enjoying a night with your kiddos.  Check out more in Lisa’s Home School.


Good News: Man Visits Wife’s Grave Every Day For 20 Years


For 20 years, Rocky sat beside his wife’s grave, through every snowstorm and every birthday, to ensure the love of his life was never lonesome.  At long last, the loving pair will finally reunite, resting in peace together.  Rocky passed away last week at the age of 97.  He’ll be buried at his wife’s left side; because that’s the side he walked on every time they took a walk.  Read more about this devoted husband the lessons he learned here.


Good News Story: Super Mom Winner

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Good News Story: Free Wedding

Want to know how Tracy didn’t have to pay for her wedding? Listen to her story find out why her community pitched in for her big day.

Lisa’s Home School: Forgotten Wedding Registry Girfts

Did you or someone you know get engaged over the holidays? Listen to Lisa’s Home School to find out what to add to the registration list.

SACKed Jan. 13, 2014

SACKed is an opportunity to perform simple, low-cost to no-cost random acts of kindness!  Each week, the Shine.FM will give you a new, fun way to surprise someone with a small gift, treat, or smile. It’s an easy way to get your kids involved in helping others, and we hope it inspires you to share the hope of Christ in Indianapolis!  Print your SACKed cards here.

This week, we’re bringing back a Shine.FM favorite, the Drive-Thru Difference!  Simply print your SACKed card and head to the drive-thru.  Pay for the person’s order behind you and leave the card for them!

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Good News Story: Gang Turned Good

After tragic circumstances in their country, a gang turns a new leaf and advocates love and compassion. Listen here!


Good News Story: Gang Turned Good





Good News Story: Father’s Dying Wish

A dying father wants one last walk with the women in his life. Listen here!


Good News Story: Father’s Dying Wish


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