The Kitchen Table #44: When to Stop Saying “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin”

You’ve all heard the phrase. Maybe it makes you cringe. Should we just stop saying it altogether or is it valid? This week on the Kitchen Table, Shine.FM Ministry Director Brian McIntyre Utter and his son Jake welcome Pastor Chad Dalton to table. In Music Matters, new music from Hillsong Young & Free with Andy Mineo, Andy Grammer, and an oldie, but goldie from Kim Boyce. In Culture Shock, we break down a response from Keanu Reeves on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to the question “What Happens When You Die?” Be sure to subscribe to get all our Shine.FM podcasts.

Hope-Central Valentine’s Day Love Tour


Hope-Central, the performing arts epicenter for students, has gathered students from the Lansing area to serenade senior citizens on Valentine’s Day for the Hope-Central Love Tour.

Students will be touring senior facilities singing and handing out teddy bears and valentine’s cards to the residence in hope of making this Valentine’s Day a special one for them.

Tour locations:

Hope-Central is collecting medium to large size teddy bears at the following locations:

Please consider donating a teddy bear today to make a difference this Valentine’s Day!

Good News: Suprise Delivery for Shocked Military Wife

When this young wife got a delivery of some of her husbands belongings, she figured it was just “some of his old stuff,” but once she dug deeper she got a surprise that was much better than old t-shirts and books! Click here to see just how big this wife’s surprise was!

Good News: Couple Finds Love in an Unlikely Place

When Margaret “Muffi” Lavigne and Chris Plum, both with muscular dystrophy, met at the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain, Conn., their lives took an unexpected turn. After both were beginning to doubt that they would ever find “the one,” they found each other. While dating, the couple would spend hours together outside enjoying the sun and each other’s company. Outside, where Chris proposed, is also where he and Muffi were married! Click here to hear more about their story!

Good News: Soldier’s Platoon Helps With Engagement


A soldier from New Hampshire came up with a creative way to propose to his girlfriend, with the help of his platoon!  Army Specialist Nicholas Greenwood enlisted the help of his platoon to get in on a surprise proposal to his girlfriend.  Even though he knew Christina didn’t like surprises, he knew he had to propose in a special way.  Watch this fun video here.


Good News: High School Sweethearts Reunited 70 Years Later


When Frank Sinatra crooned the words, “Love is lovelier the second time around,” he could have been singing about 90-year-old Bob Albright and 86-year-old Martha Joy Brindle. Theirs is a love story, almost 70 years in the making.  Bob and Joy were sweethearts before World War II. They met working at the same pharmacy in Indianapolis.  When World War II broke out, the Army sent Bob to the South Pacific.  After the war ended though, the two lost touch.  They each raised families of their own.  And you’ll never guess what they’re up to now.  Find out here.


Good News: Watch This Reaction To Baby News


It’s always heartwarming to watch people being surprised by baby news, but this video of an older man finding out he’s going to be a first-time grandpa is the sweetest one we’ve ever seen. “Told my dad he is going to be a grandpa,” writes Jessica, who shared this touching video on Reddit. “I am his only child and my mother passed away 20 years ago. He has been asking us for grandchildren since our wedding night.” In the video, the grandpa-to-be opens a decorative box to find a pacifier with a note attached, reading “Hatching November 17th, 2014.” It takes him a moment to process the information, but as soon as he does, his eyes well up and he grins ear to ear. We’ve never seen a man’s face so filled with joy.  This must-watch video is here.

What NOT To Say To Singles


Today is Valentine’s Day and tomorrow is Singles Awareness Day, so between the two, your single lady friends may be having a bit of a hard time.  For Lisa’s Home School, learn what NOT to say to single friends in the next two days — or maybe never!  Most of the time, we mean well, but it comes as a backhanded compliment.  Let’s not!