Good News: Waiter Refuses Service

Usually when a waiter refuses to serve someone he’s in trouble, but this particular story he is a hero.  Michael, a waiter in Houston, Texas, was waiting on a table of regulars – a family with a child who has Down’s Syndrome – when another table started making horrible comments about the boy, Milo.  Michael’s personal feelings took over and he told them to leave.  Read the full story here!  Thank you, Michael, for sticking up for Milo!

Good News: Surprise Homecoming King

Three homecoming king nominees from a Tennessee high school gave up the crown.  Jesse, Drew, and Zeke were all nominated for the honor, but together, they decided that whoever won would give up his crown to a classmate with Williams Syndrome.  That’s exactly what they did.  The celebration was marked with tears and a standing ovation for Scotty Maloney.  Read all about it here!

Busyness Is A Good Thing?

These days it seems like one of our most common gripes is that we are too busy – and we are, with carpools, laundry, dinner, work, church, and the list goes on.  Sometimes, though, busyness is a good thing.  In Lisa’s Home School, you can see how sometimes the more packed the schedule, the more productive the day.

Good News: Can I Have Your Autograph?

Did you see the picture circulating around the internet of the Disney security guard asking a little “princess” for her autograph?  It turns out that this security guard asks each little girl who is dressed up like a princess for her autograph.  He enjoys making a big fuss over them.  Like Alli, the little girl in the picture, most girls cannot believe he actually thinks they are princesses!  What a fun feel-good story — and a great reminder that it only takes a few moments or a few words to make someone’s day!

10 Tips For Better Behavior From Your Kids

If it feels like you’re always yelling, nagging, or nitpicking at your kids, take notes from today’s Home School.  Here are 10 tips to get better behavior out of your kids!  Give ’em a try!

Good News: Millionaire Janitor

Tyrone Curry won over $3.4 million dollars in the Washington State lottery 5 years ago and still spends his days sweeping the cafeteria floor at Evergreen High School.  He loves his job, and he loves the kids.  In fact, his passion for them runs so deep that he shared his fortune with the school, donating $40,000 to build them a track.  Watch his inspiring story here.

10 Relaxing Bedtime Alternatives for Kids

In today’s Home School lesson, we talked about some bedtime alternatives to TV for your kids.  Turn off the tube and enjoy time spent reading, drawing, or storytelling with your little ones!

Good News Story: It Starts With a Seed

We love hearing stories of inspiring kids!  It started with a tiny cabbage seedling that Katie, a third grader in South Carolina, took home and tended until it grew to 40 pounds!  Her parents always reminded her and her younger brother that they were lucky to have food on their table every night.  So Katie decided to donate that cabbage to a local soup kitchen. Now, Katie is 11, and has several gardens and has donated 2 tons of fresh produce to organizations that serve people in need!  She says her goal is to eliminate hunger completely.  Watch her story here.