Good News: Shine.FM Good News Story Sparks Another


After hearing about this Mass Mob story on Shine.FM recently, the parishioners at St. Liborius Catholic Church in Steger put together their first “Mass mob,” bringing more than 80 of their members to services at St. Mary’s in rural Iroquois County. They knew about Beaverville, because the pastor there used to be their pastor.  They knew that he had a beautiful church, but a very small number of families. So they thought it would be good to see him and help fill the church up a little bit.  Working on the campaign for a month, the St. Liborius parishioners carpooled and more than 80 made the hour-long trip. They even staged a potluck dinner in the St. Mary’s Parish Hall, so there could be more time spent with their former pastor.  Read more about how Good News spreads here!


Good News: $4 Flea Market Find Turns Into Big Pay Day


A New Mexico man’s purchase of a $4 bottle at a flea market could turn into a $5,000 or more pay day thanks to the bottle’s ties with Coca-Cola’s past.  Jim said the aged bottle’s label featuring coca leaves and the words “wine coca” caught his attention while he was shopping at a local market last fall.  “It was embossed with the name Pemberton,” Jim said.  “I’m not a big Coca-Cola collector so it wasn’t until I got home that I Googled and saw that it was Dr. Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola.”  His flea market find was one of only three bottles known to be in existence dating back to the original roots of what the world now knows as Coca-Cola, or Coke, soft drinks.  What makes his purchase even more significant is that the bottle, which dates back to the 1880s, has 90 percent of the original label intact.  It’s expected to fetch a pretty penny at an upcoming auction.  Check it out here.


Good News: Homeless Man Turns In Lost Money…Again!


Authorities say a homeless man who last year turned in a lost wallet stuffed with money has done it again.  67-year-old “Junior” approached an officer on May 9 and said he wanted to turn in a “wad” of cash he had found on the ground.  Police aren’t saying how much money Junior found, and they’re attempting to locate the owner.  Last July, Junior found a wallet with $485 cash in it on the same exact street.  He turned it in to police, who tracked down the owner.  Police posted that story on the department’s Facebook page, leading to numerous calls from people offering to help Junior. He declined the offers.  Read more about this good guy here.


Good News: Farmer Helps Police Nap Violator


ISP Lt. Chad Larsh was driving to a meeting last week when he noticed an erratic driver in Northern Indiana. As he pursued the driver, running the vehicle’s registration information, he lost sight of the purple Pontiac Grand Am.  Minutes later, he spotted the car in the driveway of an Etna Green home and saw the driver running through a farm field. As Larsh drove parallel to the man as he ran through the field, dispatchers told him a farmer had called them and offered to pick Larsh up.  The farmer drove the trooper to the man in his tractor, surprising the suspect when Larsh jumped out with his TASER drawn.  Read more here.


Good News: Car Swap


Last week, a thief stole a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker from a house in Boonville, Indiana and then sold it to a 72-year-old man for $300, in the rightful owner’s name. The 72-year-old man, however, started to have a nagging feeling that the deal was just too good to be true and so he gave the car’s rightful owner, Derk West, a call after looking him up.  Mr. West met up with the 72-year-old who had unwittingly bought his stolen Chrysler and determined the senior citizen needed the vehicle more than he did. As Mr. West told local news, “…72-years-old and fixed income. Stuff like that. He was out $300, he was out the money and he was just, really upset. He told us, ‘Too good to be true.’ I just drove the car for several years as a work car…By the time it was over, I worked it out, I just wound up giving him the car. He needed it worse than I did.”  Way to go, Derk!