Best Seats: 5th Row Winner!

We asked you to tell us about your best friend to win the best seats in the house this Saturday night at the Casting Crowns concert.  We received lots of great stories to share this entire week.

Congratulations to Kim, who was nominated by her sister and best friend Sharon!  Here’s her nomination letter:


I am blessed to have my sister as my best friend. She is my voice of

reason and the person that I have always been able to count on

throughout my entire life. I thank God for her daily. This year Kim

turns 50. Sharing this awesome opportunity with my sister would be the

icing on the cake!


Congrats and enjoy the show!

Good News: Ring Toss

40 years ago, Richard Hale tossed something out of his car window, and with it accidentally tossed his class ring.  Richard assumed he would never see the ring again, but after a stroke of luck on Facebook, his brother connected with the ring’s finder, Ellen.  Read their story here.

If you missed the Shine Mornings Good News Story, listen here on demand.

What’s your great customer-service story?

When was the last time you experienced GREAT customer service
somewhere? It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and I my son Nathan with
to get the oil changed in our van on Saturday morning and experienced
GREAT customer service! Even though they were super busy (oil-changes
+ Saturday morning=Super Busy), the manager took the time to take my
son and me on a quick tour of the “basement” where they store the oil
and the technicians work on the cat-walks below the vehicles. The way
they treated us was enough to earn our business for a long time. What
about you, when was the last time you experienced GOOD customer
service and where was it? (Oh…here is Nathan watching our van
getting it’s oil changed Saturday morning).

I’m Not Ashamed

If you’re not “ashamed” of the Gospel, then encourage someone you know with this verse this afternoon.


Good News: Shine.FM Listener Shines

Maddie, one of our Shine.FM listeners wrote to tell us how she shines!  Check this out!

“I am a middle school student at Crown Point Christian School. My
friend, Valerie, and I have started a prayer group at our school to stop the gossip and godless chatter that goes on in our school. At our
break-time, Valerie and I meet in one of our teacher’s room and do a
devotion and pray with the people that come. Anyone is welcome to come
at any time during the break period. We call it T.O.P. for Time Of
Prayer. We took a hint from one of our teachers, Mr. Stallinga, who
wrote a problem on one of our Language assignments that talked about
the godless chatter that goes on at break. So many of my peers and
teachers and even other parents have thanked Valerie and myself and I
always get a warm feeling inside. I feel so honored that I can do
something that seems so small, but reaches people in a strong way.”

Keep up the good work Maddie and Valerie!  If you want to tell us how you shine, click here.

Good News Update: Homeless Heart of Gold

Earlier this week, I told a story of Ray.  Now, there’s an amazing update to share.  Since hearing of his good deed, strangers have raised more than $16,000 to get him back on his feet.  He’s also been reunited with his brother, who he hasn’t seen in more than 30 years!  Check it out here.


Februrary 19: Good News

Ray, a homeless man living in Kansas City, hit the jackpot in his change cup—a diamond ring!  But he showed his heart of gold by returning it to upset owner Sarah Darling.  Sarah had mistakenly dumped her ring into Ray’s cup when she emptied her coin purse.  Sarah didn’t realize what she had done until the next day.  Panicked, she went back to see if Ray still had the ring.  Ray had held onto the ring, knowing it was of tremendous value, and when Sarah approached him, he gave it right back to her.  Read his explanation here.


Good News: Comfort For Cats

I love fun animal stories!  This one is great.  Cheetahs are the fastest mammals in the world, but as it turns out, they are also the world’s biggest scaredy-cats!  So much so that they don’t breed easily and are in danger of going extinct.  In a fun little twisted love story, some zoos are introducing companion dogs to clam the cats.  They serve as playmates and provide the cats with guidance.  Read the full “tail” here.

Good News Story: Hope Rises From The Ashes

Ben and Norma are an elderly couple that spent last Thanksgiving in New York City.  They took in something like 6 plays, 3 jazz clubs, and a comedy club.  On their last day, they went back to their hotel, only to learn that their house had caught fire and they lost almost everything.  Read the story of how a community rallied around this couple to give hope, healing, and a fresh start.

Good News Story: It Starts With a Seed

We love hearing stories of inspiring kids!  It started with a tiny cabbage seedling that Katie, a third grader in South Carolina, took home and tended until it grew to 40 pounds!  Her parents always reminded her and her younger brother that they were lucky to have food on their table every night.  So Katie decided to donate that cabbage to a local soup kitchen. Now, Katie is 11, and has several gardens and has donated 2 tons of fresh produce to organizations that serve people in need!  She says her goal is to eliminate hunger completely.  Watch her story here.