Good News Story: Jilted Bride Makes Generous Donation

Michelle had her heart broken, but is finding out that one of the best ways to recovery is helping those in need. Listen how Michelle is helping others during her time of heart ache:

Good News Story: Jilted Bride Makes Generous Donation

Good News Story: Awesome Homecoming

Students at a Florida High School do something for two students that make for a heartwarming and special good news story. Listen here:

Good News Story: Awesome Homecoming

*Photo from Shine.Yahoo.Com

Good News Story: Remembering an Officers Good Deeds

Moments before Officer Jeremy Henwood tragically lost his life one year ago; the San Diego Police Officer inspired a young teen at the most unlikely place. Be encouraged by Officers Henwood’s actions that are still remembered by teen, Daveon Scott. Listen here:

Good News Story: Officer Remembered

Good News Story: Teen Rewarded for Courage

After hearing the news of an elderly woman being mugged, a young boy steps out in faith to help this women. His actions didn’t go unnoticed. Hear how:

Good News Story: Teen Helps Victim

Good News Story: Trauma Kits Pay Off

After local groups raised $36,000 for gunshot trauma kits for the Indianapolis Police Departement, the kits get put to use hours after their arrival. Here this amazing story right here.

Good News Story: Trauma Kits Pay Off

Good News: 2-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gets Wish For Pizza


2-year-old Hazel was diagnosed with high-risk, stage 3 neuroblastoma in April and will require a year-and-a-half hospital treatment. Her mother Lauren said the playfully posted a sign made of medical tape in the window of her daughter’s room at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles that read “SEND PIZZA.”  In part to pass the time, and perhaps brighten up a stranger’s day. It ended up making the day for Hazel, as well as a number of other courageous kids at Children’s Hospital.  They were so overwhelmed by pizza deliveries from across the nation that the family had to politely call off the request for pies.  See Hazel and her pizzas here.

Good News: Rockstar Donates $1 Million To Hurricane Sandy Relief


Rocker and New Jersey native Bon Jovi is giving back to his home state. Along with Gov. Chris Christie and his wife, Bon Jovi announced he is donating $1 million to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, which is chaired by First Lady Mary Pat Christie.  See the video of Bon Jovi explaining his generous gift here.

Good News: Man Leaves $10,000 Tip


Bob and his wife were traveling through Saskatchewan, Canada when they stopped into the Old West Express diner in Chamberlain. The couple met the friendly owner Clifford, chatted, and eventually learned that the restaurateur had just hours earlier received the devastating news that his daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  Bob was able to relate to his anxiety and worry because he had lost his 26-year-old son 5 years ago.  3 days later Bob and his wife returned to the Old West Diner and paid for the meal of burgers and fries with a check. When Clifford saw that the check was written out for $10,000 he became overwhelmed with emotion and was amazed by the kindness of this stranger who had become his friend. Why did Bob give so generously?  Watch the video here.

The New Shine.FM Difference Maker: Food Rescue

Food Rescue’s mission is to feed people and save surplus perishable food from being needlessly wasted. Found out about Food Rescue and how you can get involved.


Good News: Suspended Coffee

This Good News story reminds me a lot of Drive-Thru Difference (coming up this Friday – don’t miss it!)

Tough economic times and growing poverty in much of Europe are reviving a humble tradition that began some one-hundred years ago in the Italian city of Naples. It’s called caffè sospeso — “suspended coffee”: A customer pays in advance for a person who cannot afford a cup of coffee. It’s an elegant way to show generosity: an act of charity in which donors and recipients never meet each other, the donor doesn’t show off and the recipient doesn’t have to show gratitude.  Read the full story here.  Then, print your Drive-Thru Difference note to get ready for Friday!