The Kitchen Table #32: How Do I Forgive Myself?

This week on the Shine.FM’s The Kitchen Table podcast, ministry director Brian McIntyre Utter and his son Jake welcome guest Adam Keller as they discuss why it is so difficult forgiving ourselves. In Music Matters, new music from Elle Limebear, Kings Kaleidoscope, Shane & Shane and an oldie, but goldie from Billy Sprague. In Culture Shock, why are so many in the Millennial and Gen Z generations using closed captioning all the time? Be sure to subscribe to get all our Shine.FM podcasts.

Good News: Powerful Story Of Forgiveness


A devastated mother embraced her daughter’s killer in court this week, a moment of forgiveness amid personal anguish.  Jordyn Howe pleaded guilty in court Tuesday for the 2012 shooting death of his friend, Lourdes “Jina” Guzman-DeJesus, 13. Jordyn had brought his stepfather’s gun on the school bus, firing it once at the ground.  Nothing happened.  He pointed the weapon at Jina — and this time, when he pulled the trigger, the gun fired, killing her.  Jordyn, now 16, confessed immediately to the crime, pleading guilty to three charges — including manslaughter with a deadly weapon.  He faced up to 22 months in prison, and Ady DeJesus (Jina’s mom) initially demanded a harsh punishment.  But after she met with the teen and a judge, she came up with a different plea deal, and the court agreed. Jordyn will spend one year in a juvenile detention center and will also spend time touring Florida with Ady, talking about the dangers of guns.  Watch this touching moment of forgiveness here.


Good News: This Is Forgiveness

When 17-year-old Tim See and 15-year-old Krysta Howell were killed by a drunk driver in Grand Rapids, their families were heartbroken.  But more importantly, the family of Tim See didn’t stay there – they found love and forgiveness for the driver, Takunda Mavima.  They even gave an incredible testimony on his behalf in court in an effort to convince the judge to lessen his sentence. What an incredible story of forgiveness!  Read the touching article here.