Brant and Sherri’s Deal Breaker Question

Deal Breaker Question for the ladies: Let’s say you’re single and a FANTASTIC guy wants to marry you. He’s incredibly attractive. Smart, handsome, a provider and protector. Spiritually mature kinda guy. Loves kids and “gets” you. ONE little quirk: He wears big floppy clown shoes. Yes, they squeak when he walks. He will them for the rest of his life. That’s just how he rolls. That’s his only quirk. Otherwise, he’s AWESOME. Do you marry him?

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We’re now uploading our show the day after it airs. You can subscribe here (on iTunes), or if you don’t use iTunes, via the Stitcher app. Yesterday’s show: Brant is a “Loon”, The People Jesus Repelled, Parmesan Cheese Dinner, Grace, Nik Wallenda, Forgetting the Candy, Our Show Agenda, No Pets Scrutiny, Awkward Jog of Gratitude, What’s in a Person’s Heart Sherri’s Fave Quotes: “You’ll hear us talk about grace a lot because it’s the only thing that changes any of us.” “I’m ok with looking dumb if I can just love people for once. I’ve gotten that frustrated with it. It’s time to grow up and love people.” “People get judgmental about me having a bowl of Parmesan cheese for dinner. That hurts.” “Grown man hiding behind a couch to avoid some kid in a Superman outfit. That’s how I roll.”

Celebrities and Their Effect on Kids

Two well-known celebrities have gone public about their decision to remain sexually pure until marriage.


Bethany Hamilton, the subject of the movie Soul Surfer, says “Growing up I was blessed to have parents that stayed together, and to have that husband and wife image.  I wanted an awesome husband that would love and support me until I die.


Bethany says “I also wanted to honor God with the way that I approached [marriage]. I definitely was patient and I didn’t mess around.” In fact Bethany says her husband is the only guy I’ve ever kissed.”  By the way, Bethany has a new book out that talks about some of those issues.  It’s called Body & Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life: 

And a well-known male TV star is talking  about his decision to remain abstinent until marriage. 


Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson says  “I’m proud [that I was a virgin when I got married]. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.


In an interview with Fox News, Jase said “What I did was when I started dating girls I would quickly tell them on the first date as soon as they got in the car. I’d say, ‘Look I will not treat you inappropriately at any point in our relationship.’


According to Jase, when he said that, a couple of girls actually got out of the car! But he says, “My wife, [Missy], she really loved the idea that she felt secure with me, like I had a direction I was taking.”


By the way, if you’re a parent with teens or pre-teens at home, an excellent book on this topic is called “Pure Excitement: A Godly Look at Sex, Love and Dating.”


If you have younger kids, I’d recommend the series “God’s Design for Sex” by Stan and Brenna Jones.  That series features a different booklet for each stage of development, starting with 0-3 year-olds and going all the way up to the teen years.


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Good News: Boy Refuses to Graduate High School Without his Biggest Inspiration

Austin and Ty Coppola were born only seconds apart, yet Ty was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The boys grew up doing everything together, except Ty faced different challenges. When it was time for Austin to graduate from high school, he couldn’t imagine crossing the stage without his brother.  Even though Ty didn’t attend the same high school, Austin insisted that he share the special day with his brother. Click here to see these two brother share an inspirational moment together!

Are Kids With ADHD More Likely to Use Drugs?

If your kid has ADHD, is he more likely to use drugs as a teen or young adult?  Yes—and no.

CBS News is reporting on a new study conducted by Boston Children’s Hospital that found that children suffering with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are more than twice as likely to try and abuse drugs

However, if kids are treated properly—including with prescription medications, they may actually be LESS likely to use drugs when they get older.

Dr. Sharon Levy at Boston’s Children’s says “one of the main points [of the research] is that treating ADHD both with behavioral techniques and medications seems to lower the risk of substance abuse,”

Dr. Levy did caution that stimulant medications such as Adderall and Ritalin can sometimes be misused. The researchers found that almost 1 out of 4 school-aged children are approached to sell, buy or trade their ADHD medications

Dr. Michael Duchowny at Miami Children’s Hospital recommends that children with ADHD should be counseled about the risk of substance abuse.

Although the association between ADHD and the risk of substance abuse is known, the reasons for the increased risk aren’t,

It’s possible that the same biology that causes ADHD also puts some children at a higher risk for substance abuse, he added. Other social factors may also contribute to increased risk.

For example, kids with ADHD are more likely to struggle in school and turn to drugs or alcohol to escape anxiety about their difficulties.

For more information on ADHD, its diagnosis, and proper treatment, go to

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Emotional Son

Dear Dr. Bill,


We have a very emotional 8-year-old boy.  He often cries about little things and gets upset at my husband and me constantly.  He has a 2-year-old sister, and I wonder if their age gap has caused some kind of strain for him.  What do you suggest?




Dear Joy,


Every child is wired differently from the start—each with his own unique personality and disposition.  Some are more laid-back, some are more high-strung.

As parents, one of our jobs is to help our kids capitalize on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.


Without directly observing your family, I can only speculate about what’s going on, but could it be that you and your husband are unintentionally reinforcing your son when he cries and throws tantrums?


Many parents believe the most loving thing to do is give in to their child’s demands and emotional outbursts—they want their child to like them and they don’t want to do anything to cause them to be unhappy.


Unfortunately this sets up a negative pattern that will cause a child to struggle in his relationships with classmates and teachers—and later with dating partners and employers.


It sounds like things have gotten worse since your daughter was born.  My guess is that your son has been used to getting his way and being the center of attention for years, and he doesn’t like sharing mom and dad with this little “intruder.”


If this description rings true, you and your husband will need to start setting firm limits with your son and implementing consequences for negative behavior.  You’ll also need to teach him more appropriate ways of responding when he is upset, frustrated or angry.


For some great guidance on this, check out the book “Boundaries with Kids” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Sitting Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

How much of your day do you spend SITTING? You’ve probably heard that sitting for long periods can be hazardous to your health.

Not only can sitting make you fat, but last year Australian researchers found that people who sit for more than 11 hours a day have a 40% increased risk of death…from any cause. is reporting on new study that found that people who spent most of the day on their—posteriors– had a 24% greater risk of colon cancer. That number shot up to 54% for people who spent the most hours sitting in front of the TV.

The risks remained even for so-called “active couch potatoes”—people who work out but still spend most of their day sitting down.

Standing isn’t the answer, as jobs that require a lot of standing are linked to their own set of health problems including varicose veins, lower-back pain, and increased risk of stroke.

So here are a few steps you can take to get healthier.

Set an alarm. Setting your phone alarm or using an app like BreakTime are simple ways to encourage more movement throughout the day.

Stand up and pace when you’re talking on the phone. It’s easy if you’re on a smartphone—if not, see if you can get a cordless phone for your desk.

And walk whenever possible. You’d be surprised how many ways you can sneak walking into your daily routine. If possible, take a quick walk after lunch. After eating, the fat levels in your bloodstream are at their peak, and simply moving around increases the activity of a gene that boosts your metabolism.

For more health tips, go to and enter “sitting” in the search engine.


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Good News: Ex-NFL Tight End Suffers Memory Loss, but Writes Heartwarming Song for his Family

Ben Utecht, former tight end for the Colts and Bengals, began experiencing memory loss at age 30 after a football career including five concussions. To ensure that his daughters always know he cares for them, even if his concussions rob him of much of his memory, Utecht penned and recorded a heartwarming new song titled “You Will Always Be My Girls.” Click here to read more and hear this touching song!

Crime and Television

If you find yourself worried about crime, could your fears be caused by what you see on TELEVISION, rather than on REALITY?


A new study has found that Americans’ fear of real-world violence is directly related to the amount of violence portrayed on broadcast television.


According to, The Annenberg Public Policy Center examined the amount of violence on TV from the 1970s through 2010, and then compared that to how people responded to Gallup polls about their fear of violence.


Despite the fact that crime rates in general have decreased over that time period, people’s fear of crime rose and fell in a pattern similar to rising and falling crime rates on TV shows!


It turns out that the number of violent sequences shown on broadcast TV each hour decreased significantly between 1972 and 1996. But since then, the number of violent incidents has been on the rise again…up to almost 4 per hour in prime time.


Each additional violent sequence per hour corresponded with a 1% increase in the number of people who said they feared walking alone at night in their own neighborhood.


Dan Romer with the Annenberg Center says “We now have stronger evidence that the fictional treatment of crime on TV may influence the public’s fears of crime,”


And this just in…watching sitcoms may make you more cynical about love.


Researchers at the University of Michigan found that students who watched sarcastic and cynical comedies such as How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory tended to have a much more pessimistic view of romance than those who didn’t.


The researchers say even if we aren’t aware of it, we internalize the messages we see on TV or in films.


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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“Patriot Pastor” From the Revolutionary War.

It’s Independence Day, and millions of Americans are enjoying picnics, barbecues and fireworks.


While you’re relaxing with friends or family, I’d encourage you to remember what this day commemorates—the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.


One of my favorite stories about the American Revolution is about a pastor named John Peter Muhlenberg.


Pastor Muhlenberg had a military background, and toward the end of 1775, George Washington asked him to raise and command the 8th Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army.


He agreed, but his brother Fredrick, who was also a pastor, didn’t approve of him going into the army.  That is until the British burned down Frederick’s own church in front of him. Then he joined the army himself.


On January 21, 1776 in the Lutheran church in Woodstock, Virginia, Pastor Muhlenberg preached from the third chapter Ecclesiastes, which starts with “To every thing there is a season.”


After reading the eighth verse, “a time of war, and a time of peace,” he declared, “And this is the time of war.”  He then threw off his clerical robe to reveal the uniform of a Continental Army Colonel.


Outside the church door the drums began to roll as the men in the congregation turned to kiss their wives and then walked down the aisle of the church to enlist.


Within half an hour, 162 men had joined the 8th Virginia Regiment and went on to fight for our country’s freedom.


After the war, John Muhlenberg served in House of Representatives and then as a US Senator.


I’d encourage you to share Pastor Muhlenberg’s story with your children or grandchildren.


Happy Independence Day from all of us at Shine.FM!

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