Good News Story: Joy Jars

Jessica Rees was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 11, and she and her parents would drive to the hospital every day to receive outpatient treatment.  What she did for other kids going through similiar trials is our Good News Story today!

Mini-Resolution No. 9 – Memorize A Bible Verse

Today, memorize a scripture verse!  Maybe one you heard this past weekend at church or one you read? Just pick one you don’t know and memorize it!

“Got Life?”

How are you “Walking-Out” 2013 differently than 2012?

Hey it’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and it’s another”Walk-It-Out-Wednesday!” How’s your 2013 going?  What’s one thing that you’ve already done differently to “walk-out” 2013 differently from 2012?  Even if you feel like you’re off to a rough start, you can make that one decision to “walk-it-out” today!

Good News Story: Finding A Job When You Least Expect It

Finding a job when you least expect it!  It happened for a lady waiting for a bus recently!  Click here to read our Good News Story today!

Mini-Resolution No. 8 – Spend One Hour With God Today!

In our busy lives, it’s hard to find even a couple minutes to be alone, listening to God! Today, we want to challenge you to find an hour through out the day to spend with Him! Maybe a half hour at a time?  See how it changes your outlook on the day!  And when you do, tell us about it here!

Faith Lived Out

As we head into 2013, I have a few inspiring faith stories to share with you.

Last week Georgia Dome in Atlanta was packed with Christian students beginning the New Year at the annual Passion worship conference.  Over 60,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 heard from speakers like Louie Giglio, Frances Chan and Beth Moore.

The students took part in worship sessions and seminars, with an emphasis on fighting human trafficking and helping the poor.  The attendees were asked to each bring a new towel and pair of socks to donate to local homeless shelters in Atlanta.

Christian musicians leading worship at Passion 2013 included Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder and Christy Nockels.

Closer to home, thousands of young Christians attended the Urbana Student Missions Conference in St. Louis.  Urbana Director Tom Lin says over 4,000 of the students who attended the five-day conference committed to more than two years of missionary service in their lives.

The students accepted the challenge to both proclaim the gospel and to demonstrate Christian love through service. Planning will start soon for the next Urbana Student Missions Conference in 2015.  If you would like to attend, or if you know a student who might be interested in attending, you can learn more at

And across the Atlantic, Pope Benedict says he believes peace can prevail in 2013, despite the problems in the world today.   In his New Year’s Day Mass, the Pope acknowledged the evils of terrorism, criminal acts and the inequality between rich and poor.

But he also said he is convinced the “numerous works of peace, in the world are testimony to the innate vocation of humanity to peace.”  You can read the Pope’s entire homily here.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Just A Reminder…

Just in case you need a little reminder today. ~ Garrett

Who Do You Most Admire?


It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and for the 56th time since 1955, Billy Graham has made the USA Today/Gallup Top 10 list of Most Admired Men in the World. Mr. Graham tied for third in this year’s voting, along with presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former President George W. Bush.

Here’s the complete list by the way:

Most Top 10 Finishes for Most Admired Man
1. Billy Graham (56)
2. Ronald Reagan (31)
3. Pope John Paul II (27)
4. Jimmy Carter (27)
5. Dwight Eisenhower (21)
6. Richard Nixon (21)
7. Bill Clinton (21)
8. Harry Truman (20)
9. Nelson Mandela (20)
10. George H.W. Bush (20)

How about you, who is a person that you would put on your list of those you most admire in your life? Is it your husband, wife, mother, father, grand-parent, pastor, neighbor?

Mini-Resolution No. 7 – Invite Someone To Church

We have another “mini-challenge” for you!  We are kicking-off 2013 with 30 small things you can do to make in a difference in others lives! Today, INVITE SOMEONE TO CHURCH WITH YOU THIS WEEKEND.  You’d be surprised how many people are just waiting for an invitation. And when you do, tell us about it here on the New Shine.FM!