Stronger Together #40 Dare To Share with Guest Andy McGowan

Andy works as lead Pastor at Immanuel Church Kenosha but is also passionate about his ministry with Dare to Share. Be inspired as he pours out his heart for youth developing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and his vision to see them grow in sharing the Gospel.   You can connect with Andy at Facebook, or Immanuel Kenosha Church. You can learn more about Dare to Share here.

The Kitchen Table #13: Does Going To Church Really Matter?

This week on The Kitchen Table, Brian and Jake have a family discussion about why it matters to actually attend church and the importance of community. Plus, a look at songs from Tim Timmons featuring Amy Grant: I Belong, Citizens: In Tenderness and a Goldie but Oldie fromJon Gibson & Crystal Lewis: Lost Inside of You in the Music Matters segment.

In Culture Shock, we look at how Millennials and younger people don’t use the flat sheet.

Church Changed To Meet Its Community


Patrick Kelley has a dream—what he calls his “delusion of grandeur” for churches—that one day, ethnic diversity will be the norm in American congregations, and that followers of Christ will erase what Martin Luther King, Jr. called the “most segregated hour in Christian America.”  Click here to read what Pastor Kelley is doing to change his church to meet his community.


Good News: iPhone Saves Soldier’s Life


A lot of people say that they don’t know how they’d survive without their iPhone. In one soldier’s case, such a statement wouldn’t be an exaggeration.  Staff Sgt. Shaun Frank from Utah was injured in an explosion set off by a teenage suicide bomber in Afghanistan. The bomb was filled with ball bearings, many which left holes in Frank’s body, however, he had one safe spot — the area where his iPhone was stuffed in his pants pocket. The device’s metal body stopped several pieces of shrapnel from hitting Frank.  On top of that, the community came together to support him, which he says means the world.  Check out the full story here.


Good News: Announcing Team Shine!


Shine.FM wants to help encourage sportsmanship and Christian character in kids, so we’ve introduced Team Shine – helping us build stronger communities through team sponsorship.  Friends of Shine.FM have already come on board to support a little league in their community.  We’re set to launch 10 teams across the listening area, but we still need your help!  Most team sponsorships are around $300, but any gift towards a team is extremely helpful!  Click here for more details.


Good News: Good Samaritans Help Stranded In Atlanta


Last week when Atlanta got some snow, it seemed that the city panicked!  Many motorists were stranded in their cars for upwards of 12 hours.  But about 55,000 residents joined a Facebook group dedicated to helping those who need it.  Some families walked the street delivering hot chocolate and PBJs to the stranded, while others went above and beyond, using chains to help pull people to safety and dropping them off at the doors of strangers.  Read more about this community effort that made a huge difference!


Good News: Town Chips In For Triple Amputee’s Dream Wedding


In 2010, during his tour in Afghanistan, Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez stepped on an improvised explosive device. The IED caused him to lose both of his legs and his right arm.  When Dominguez returned home, the residents of his hometown of Temecula, California, and his fiancé, Alexis, stood by him during his recovery. As a way to honor Dominguez’s service to his country, the town of Temecula donated $30,000 in services to give Juan and Alexis a dream wedding. Local businesses donated everything from the rehearsal dinner and the photography to the entertainment and the cake at their reception. Dominguez was even able to walk his new bride down the aisle.  Watch the full story here.



Good News: This Little Piggy

It’s a happy ending for a family in Florida who was fighting to keep a miniature Juliana pig as a pet.  Twinkie, an emotional therapy pig, is the pet of the Ray family, and specificially Kason, who has Down’s Syndrome.  Though it was against the city ordinance to keep pigs as pets, the community rallied around the Ray family to get an exemption.  Read the full story here!