A 6-Year-Old Boy Writes A Book To Help His Sick Friend

I have an inspiring story about friendship to share with you today.

Dylan Siegel is 6 years old.  His best friend is Jonah Pournazarian, who is 7. Jonah has been diagnosed with glycogen storage disease type 1B , a rare liver disorder that doesn’t have a cure.

So Dylan decided to raise money for research to help his friend. Late last fall, he came up with a plan and approached his parents.

According to ABC, David Siegel, Dylan’s dad, said he told his son “Let’s do a lemonade stand, the typical thing.  He looked at us and said, ‘I want to write a book.”

After just two months on the market, sales of the handwritten and illustrated book and accompanying chocolate bars had raised over $30,000.

Dylan’s goal is to raise $1 million dollars.

The 16-page book is entitled “Chocolate Bar,” using the term to mean “cool.” The book starts out, “Disneyland is so chocolate bar.”  And the ending?  Dylan writes “I like to help my friends. That is the biggest chocolate bar.”

Whole Foods has donated hundreds of chocolate bars.  A local Barnes & Noble bookstore hosted a book signing that drew 200 people.  People from states including have donated money to the cause via Facebook and a website.

By the way, Jonah’s genetic condition afflicts one in a million children, his father said. Most days all he eats is cornstarch mixed with chicken soup with vegetables that his mother makes and feeds him through a tube.

The money from the fund and book and chocolate sales have been sent to the University of Florida School of Medicine in Gainsville where research is taking place under Dr. David Weinstein, who is working with 200 families.

To learn more about the story and visit Dylan’s website, go to

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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