Hope-Central Valentine’s Day Love Tour


Hope-Central, the performing arts epicenter for students, has gathered students from the Lansing area to serenade senior citizens on Valentine’s Day for the Hope-Central Love Tour.

Students will be touring senior facilities singing and handing out teddy bears and valentine’s cards to the residence in hope of making this Valentine’s Day a special one for them.

Tour locations:

Hope-Central is collecting medium to large size teddy bears at the following locations:

Please consider donating a teddy bear today to make a difference this Valentine’s Day!

SACKed Jan. 13, 2014

SACKed is an opportunity to perform simple, low-cost to no-cost random acts of kindness!  Each week, the Shine.FM will give you a new, fun way to surprise someone with a small gift, treat, or smile. It’s an easy way to get your kids involved in helping others, and we hope it inspires you to share the hope of Christ in Indianapolis!  Print your SACKed cards here.

This week, we’re bringing back a Shine.FM favorite, the Drive-Thru Difference!  Simply print your SACKed card and head to the drive-thru.  Pay for the person’s order behind you and leave the card for them!

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Lisa’s Home School: SACKed

Lisa shares the pluses of decorating a minor, yet key, home object; and someone to bless this holiday season:


Good News Story: Team goes beyond the field of competition

When Sacred Heart found out they were going to face Washington High School in the Illinois state semi-finals, the football teams unites their community to help those in Washington wanting to watch their team play on Saturday. Here this inspirational story right here:

Good News Story: Team goes beyond the field of competition


Good News Story: Pee Wee Dedicates & Donates

A selfless heart has no time limits nor borders. Pee Wee has been volunteering at her local hospital for 61 years. She then gives them a gift you won’t see coming. Listen here to this inspiring story!


Good News Story: Pee Wee Dedicates & Donates

Read the full article here!

Philisee “Pee Wee” Massa remembers the day when she and her husband, Leo, made the move from Kansas City to Kankakee.

“It was 1951, and the Welcome Wagon came by. And next, I wound up joining the Newcomers Club that we used to have,” she recalled this morning. “Later, Mother St. Claire [a member of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary, who were administrators of St. Mary’s Hospital] came and asked me to help start a women’s auxiliary.

“And I did. And I was one of the first officers.”

Through the decades that followed Massa was maybe best known for her talents on the golf course, but she never lost her connection with the hospital, which is now known as Presence St. Mary’s. And that fact was made very clear Wednesday at a dinner in her honor at the Kankakee Country Club.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a $1 million check.

“Pee Wee has not only blessed St. Mary’s with her gracious donations to our hospital, but [those gifts] have also touched the lives of many people in our community,” said hospital president and CEO Amy LaFine.

“The generosity that she has shown throughout her years with us ranges from countless volunteer hours to monetary donations for hospital advancements and other worthy causes. We are truly honored that she has entrusted St. Mary’s with this extraordinary gift.”

For 61 years, Massa has volunteered at the hospital’s in-house gift shop and free-standing resale shop. Even with her other commitments, she contributed more than 12,951 hours of service.

According to a hospital release, Massa’s $1-million gift will be used to enhance technology for cardiac services.

Good News Story: Child Helps Homeless

Most kids have a Kool-aid stand to raise money for themselves: not this kid! Listen here to this inspiring story of a little child with a big heart.


Good News Story: Child Helps Homeless

Good News Story: Running with the Homeless

Anne Mahlum has turned he love for running into an amazing nation wide ministry. Here how it started and how it’s growing here:

Good News: Running with the Homeless

The New Shine.FM Difference Maker: Food Rescue

Food Rescue’s mission is to feed people and save surplus perishable food from being needlessly wasted. Found out about Food Rescue and how you can get involved.


Mobilizing To Help Tornado Victims In Oklahoma

Franklin Graham’s ministry Samaritan’s Purse is responding to the devastating tornadoes that hit the Oklahoma City area last week.

Two Disaster Relief Units were deployed from Samartin’s Purse North Carolina headquarters.

The Units are tractor-trailers stocked with heavy-duty plastic, chainsaws, generators, and other tools and equipment. The units also serve as command centers for the response.

Volunteers are helping storm victims by cleaning up debris, salvaging personal belongings, cutting up and removing downed trees, and tarping damaged roofs.

They will be working alongside Rapid Response chaplains from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, letting people affected by the tornadoes know that God hasn’t forgotten them.

Anyone who’s lost a home in a fire or natural disaster will tell you it’s the loss of family photos and keepsakes that hurts the most.

To help alleviate the pain after last week’s tornado, Leslie Hagelberg of Tulsa set up a special Facebook page.  It’s called the “OK Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery” page.

Leslie is asking people in Oklahoma to post pictures of sentimental items they may have found blowing around their yards.

Here are just a few examples of things that have been posted and claimed by their owners: Photos of kids perched on Santa’s knee, baby pictures and ultrasound images.

One memento was reportedly found 250 miles from the site of the twister!

Please continue to pray for those impacted by the tornados in Oklahoma.  Learn more here about Samaritan’s Purse.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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A Christian Organization Offers God’s Hope To Kids In Boston & West, Texas

Here are a couple of faith-related stories in the news this week.  The ministry Child Evangelism Fellowship is helping kids in Boston and West TX find HOPE in Jesus.

When tragedies occur, children ask the same questions as adults do:

“Why did God allow this to happen?”
“Does God know and care about me?”

So Child Evangelism Fellowship is planning to distribute thousands of crisis booklets in Boston, and in West, Texas,

The booklet was written after the 2001 terrorist bombings.  A team from the organization went to New York City to meet with firefighters and pastors and to learn from their experiences in order to design a booklet to help kids.

The booklet conveys the hope of the Gospel and the wonder of a God who loves them, watches over them, and will never forsake them.

If you’d like to learn more about the booklet, just go to

In other faith news, one of Billy Graham’s faithful friends and crusade companions has passed away.  Gospel singer George Beverly Shea died last week at the age of 104.  He was buried in a private ceremony on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C.

The 94-year-old Graham attended the funeral for his longtime crusade singer, but did not speak.  The third member of their crusade team, musical director Cliff Barrows delivered the eulogy.

The 90-year-old Barrows said he and Graham spoke last week of how the two of them won’t sound the same without Shea’s powerful voice, but they are confident that they’ll be joining him soon in heaven.

What a powerful spiritual legacy those three men will leave behind!

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM

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