Big Daddy Weave “I Am Redeemed”

God has held me together and loved me unconditionally and reminded me time and time again, I am not who I used to be ‘I am Redeemed’! This happened rather recently and blessed me in such wonderful ways! Right after spending the morning in prayer and listening for God’s answer through reading His Word, I immediately turned on and I can’t even begin to tell you how all the music and talk has inspired me. I have felt the Holy Spirit move on my heart while listening to your station more and more and so the following was just one of many days that a song such as ‘I am Redeemed’ played on your station and I was incredibly blessed by it. I submit the following:

No matter how hopeless things may seem to you or I, I choose to believe and receive many blessings as I am willing to try. As I focus on God’s awesome love for me and for us all I can know He’s right here to catch me no matter how great my fall. It’s God’s love and His amazing grace shown by His selfless sacrifice. I am redeemed, loved beyond measure, because my Jesus paid the ultimate price

As a little child learning to walk, step by step, I never could have imagined the blessings I’ve received nor those I have waiting for me yet. My morning prayers include that for all who look at me, at my heart and at my life, it’s God’s love and light they see. So, thank you, Jesus for taking me from lost to born again.

I am forever grateful knowing ours is a love story that will never ever end.”

– Debbie