The Struggle

Well, our cars have been driving us crazy this week.

Yeah, it’s been stalling in all these heroining traffic situations randomly. There’s no apparent reason for it.

It’s like it has a panic disorder. You never know what’s going to set it off, it’s just the car has some problems.

Yeah, we’ve taken it to the shop. We’ve had it evaluated. They can not find a reason for it.

And yet, you don’t give up on your car. You don’t just leave it on the side of the road and walk away. It’s kind of relatable to marriage.

That’s right. Even though we haven’t been able to solve the mystery and we’re tempted not to be happy with that car right now, we’re going to keep investing and find the solution.

It’s a litte object lesson in commitment, friend. Keep it in mind in your own relationship as you encounter whatever struggles you might be dealing with.

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