The Joy of Anticipation

Frog Hollow Peaches…I actually love even the name of these peaches and when they show up once a year in our grocery store for about two weeks, we go peach crazy!

We look forward to that all year long and, in fact, this year they are even late, so we’ve been anticipating longer than usually.

But when they arrive, we know we’re going to have a great peach cobbler, peach…

…smoothies…the whole thing. We live for that moment.

And I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of those peaches arriving or the actual peach that is more sweet.

I think you are right about that. The anticipation brings us so much fun.

Friend, don’t overlook the joy that comes from anticipating something from your calendar. Whether it’s a date night or a vacation, maybe a relaxing evening at home, or maybe just sharing a peach together.

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