The Innocence In Your Marriage

“Na-na-na-na-na-na!” How many of you have ever heard a little kid say that?

Yeah, it’s not a very friendly sound but it does happen in our family from time to time.

Well, our 6-year old in the car the other day, said that and his 2-year old brother looked him and said, “You know, I say that sometimes.”

Yeah, it was kind of funny because I thought he would get his feelings hurt but instead he kind of took ownership for having the bad attitude himself.

Just the innoncence of being able to confess, “Yeah, I do the same thing.” And we thought how nice it would be to have that same innocence in marriage and fess up.

Taking responsibility for my piece of the pie. Just admitting to yourself sometimes, “Yeah, I’m the one with the bad attitude.” Something to remember in your own marriage this week. You can give, just by taking ownership for our attitude.

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