Slow Down & Be Still

Well, our little 7-year old has a medical procedure that requires a cat scan this week.

Yeah. Nothing too scary. He’s got some sinus issues that have been cronic and anti-biotics haven’t been helpful. But he’s facing that cat scan. Which for a 7-year old is a big deal because you have to be still; perfectly still for 15 minutes during this x-ray.

And that’s a tall order for a little guy. And that’s why the doctors said, “Hey, mom and dad, we need to make sure your there to help him be calm.”

And I understand that, because even in our lives sometimes, I really need your support in order to find a quiet place and calm down and create some margin.

Well, it’s a great gift that we can give each other in our marriage. The comfort of helping each other slow down and be still.

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