Renewing Your Vows Everyday

Twenty-five years of marriage! We attended a service this week of someone renewing their vows after 25 years.

It was fabulous. It was as nice as any wedding I’ve ever been to and I got to tell you, it just really moved me.

Well, with the excitement they had, it was like they were getting married all over again.

It was!

Yeah, and there’s something about renewing your vows. However you might go about doing that. It really does speak volumes about your marriage and it’s value to you.

It impacted me because you know those are two people not just standing up there starry eyed in love but they know what they’re really promising.

Well that’s right. And you don’t have to be married 25 years to renew your vows. You can reaffirm your promise to your partner everyday.

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