Office Park

Ohhhhh, an office supplies store!

You know that is your ultimate enjoyment.

It has become a little bit of a hobby. It hasn’t become an ultimate enjoyment, but I enjoy kind of looking through the aisle of an office supply store.

You love that and you have even convienced our children that it’s an office park.

They call it that now. They like going. I know you hate it. You feel like it’s a big waste of time.

Yup, I don’t like offices. Nor do I like office supplies. But I do go because I see the joy it brings you being in there and I’m willing to share that expeience with you.

Well there’s something about that in a marriage partnership that even when it’s not your first choice, you share that with your partner because you know it brings them joy. How can you give that joy to your partner this week?

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