Living The Commitment

Well, last night we had dinner with some new friends and I’ve got to tell you, I was impressed by this couple’s dedication.

They were so genuinely in love. They’ve been married for 39 years and the last few she has struggled with multiple sclerosis. It really has impacted them as a couple.

Well, as he kind of pulled her wheel chair up to the table and he made a little joke.

Oh there was so much playfulness. He said, “Wouldn’t you love to have a woman you could push around?” It was so clear how much he loved her.

Through sickness and through health…I mean, these people were living it out. And what an inspiration. Not only to us, but to everyone that have encountered.

It’s impossible not to be impacted by someone livivng the comitment as they promised even when things are’nt exactly as you planned.

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