Imperfect Timing

Have you ever had one of those nights where you cannot get to sleep no matter how tired you are?


We had one this week, didn’t we?


It was funny because it happened to both of us. We were both kind of under the weather, we were restless and woke up, and kind of had an interesting conversation.


At two thirty, three o’clock in the morning. But there we were lying in bed and had one of those pillow talks, heart to heart.


It was really touching. The thing that was nice about it was we hadn’t connected all day. We were feeling bad and it didn’t really seem like the time to do it, but it just worked. It clicked.


To kind of catch up on our two boys and each other—where we’re at. Friend, think about that in your own relationship. If the timing isn’t perfect capture the moments you can to connect—soul to soul.

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