Date Night: Rejoin Your Spirits

Okay friend, you’ve heard it a million times if you’re married…You should have a date night. Right? Once a month, maybe once a week, have that time to go out. And sometimes we get tired of hearing about that. Don’t we?

Yeah, it seems like, “Okay. I got the message.” But it never gets easier to pull off.

Right, and that’s why it’s sometimes just a good reminder to kind of put it on the calendar; and we did that this week. And it was a great time.

Yeah, it doesn’t have to be earth shaking – just dinner, and just some time to have a great conversation where we don’t have other people distracting us.

Right, and so friend, think about that this week. Is there a time that you could carve out? Just the two of you to rejoin your spirits together?

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