Clarification Can Go a Long Way

Shine.FM this is Dr. Les Parrott, and I’m Dr. Leslie Parrott, your Shine.FM relationship experts.

We had an engagement in Boston this week and we’re waiting at Logan Airport for the taxicab and I told the guy I need a taxicab that takes a credit card.

That’s right.

So he went down the line yelling that out in that great Boston accent.

“Card, card need somebody with a card.”

Yeah and I’m not from Boston so I said what is he talking about.

I said it’s as plane as day to me, I grew up there.

That’s when we need to clarify content it’s just another example of how valuable that is.

Especially in marriage.

It is so easy for me to jump to conclusions and I got to check in with you.

Yeah and so when you can’t quite understand what your spouse is saying, friend think about that, just a little bit of clarification can go a long way.


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