Mini-Resolution No 18: Share Your Story

Today’s mini-challenge is to share your story with someone.  Now, this could mean sharing your entire testimony or just what you’re going through right now.  I’ll go first.

I’m working through a book that challenges me to make a list of 1,000 gifts that God has given me.  Not the obvious gifts, like family and friends, but the moments of blessing.  This has really helped me change my perspective because I’m always looking for the next gift to write down.  This morning, I opened a new jar of peanut butter and it struck me: this moment is a gift from God!  Call me crazy, but I LOVE being the first one to take a scoop out of the peanut butter jar.  I have always loved it, but it wasn’t until this morning that I saw it as a small moment of blessing from God.

It’s your turn!  Share your story by commenting below — or tell a friend today!