Good News: Young Widowed Couple Finds Love Again


Jessica’s husband Jarronn was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2009, just two and a half months after their wedding.  Jordan, who is a New York City lawyer who turned into a pastor, lost his wife Danielle to a rare heart sarcoma in 2011, a little more than two years after they were married.  Jessica began blogging as soon as she lost her husband, and when Jordan’s wife passed away, his friends sent him Jessica’s blog to read.  He said he couldn’t even click on the link, but did start blogging as well.  Friends on both sides urged them to reach out to each other because they shared the same heartbreaking experience.  The first time they met, they talked for hours about how they knew they’d never get excited about another person again, and how life will never be the same.  But then they realized that they were getting excited about each other!  They got married a couple weeks ago and are now honeymooning.  The couple and their families give all the credit to God for this amazing love story and testimony!  See their wedding video here.