Good News: Terminally Ill Teenager Raises (Lots Of) Money For Cancer


19-year-old Stephen, from England, was diagnosed with bowel cancer at age 15 and has been battling his illness for the last four years.  After discovering in January 2013 that his condition was incurable, Stephen decided to compose a bucket list detailing of all the things he wanted to do with the precious time he had left. At the very top, Stephen wrote, “Raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.” So he created a website and Facebook page called “Stephen’s Story,” hoping to attract attention to his cause.  Stephen’s enthusiasm for helping others while battling cancer inspired people from all over the world to get involved. The #thumbsupforstephen campaign encourages donors to post selfies of themselves flashing a “thumbs up” while holding signs spreading the word about Stephen’s cause and the hashtag has led to thousands of tweets, retweets, and photos.  During the first year, Stephen raised £500,000 ($840,000), way more than his initial goal. And as of this week, thanks to his fundraising efforts snowballing on social media, he’s now generated a whopping £2,397,938 ($4,028,775) from 96,693 total donations to his cause.  What an incredible kid!  See more here.