Good News: Sox Fan Saves Baby From Bat


The catch itself was unique. After all, bats don’t fly into the stands with the frequency foul balls do at baseball games. But what made Eileen Depesa’s one-handed snag of Tyler Flowers’ errant lumber during Monday’s Cleveland Indians-Chicago White Sox game truly special was who she protected in the process.  The catcher lost his grip on the bat. The piece of equipment went helicoptering down the third-base line and bounced on top of the Sox dugout. That’s when Eileen, who was seated in the first row, reacted quickly. She reached up with her right hand and stopped the bat from going any further. The U.S. Cellular Field crowd gave her a loud ovation for the grab — but all Eileen cared about was the little girl in close proximity to her. “I was more concerned with protecting the baby seated behind me,” the heroine said. And Chicago fans left the game happy too as the home team won 6-2.  Watch this snag here.