Good News: Soldier’s WW II Letters To Wife Arrive To Son 69 Years Later


When 71-year-old Chuck opened his mailbox last week, he found a handwritten letter postmarked from Australia.  He had visited Australia, but didn’t remember meeting the letter writer, John Armstrong.  But when Chuck opened the letter, his confusion changed to amazement. John, an Australian stamp collector, had sent Chuck a scanned image of an envelope that was addressed in his own father’s distinctive handwriting.  John had written to ask if this letter was from his father.  He said he actually had 2 letters from Chris, Chuck’s father, who had been serving in the Army in Italy during World War II.  They were addressed to his mother Phyllis.  Once John had confirmation from Chuck that he had the right family, he mailed the letters.  Chuck, whose parents have already passed away, said he was grateful for the kindness of a stranger and overwhelmed reading the sweet letters from his dad to his mom.  And the coolest part of the story?  The letters arrived at Chuck’s house on June 23rd, and one of the letters was also postmarked June 23rd, 1944.  Check these letters out here.