Good News: Soldier’s Homecoming Reunion


Janice, a 48-year-old mother of two, had gotten pregnant when she was 17.  When her son was just 5 months old, she was forced to give him up for adoption.  She was able to visit her son a few times in foster care – enough to know that the family was changing his name from Therman to Spencer.  And it’s a good thing she knew that, because, now 30 years later, typing Spencer Parrish into google, she was able to find her son.  Spencer had typed a note into an adoption website 12 years ago, and Janice saw that note!  Spencer, a former soldier and now married father of 2, was in the Atlanta airport on his was to Afghanistan when his mom called him to let him know his birth mother called.  The 2 friended each other on Facebook and kept in touch while he was in Afghanistan, and just last week were reunited when he returned to the states.   Read all about it here.