Good News: Shine.FM Good News Story Sparks Another


After hearing about this Mass Mob story on Shine.FM recently, the parishioners at St. Liborius Catholic Church in Steger put together their first “Mass mob,” bringing more than 80 of their members to services at St. Mary’s in rural Iroquois County. They knew about Beaverville, because the pastor there used to be their pastor.  They knew that he had a beautiful church, but a very small number of families. So they thought it would be good to see him and help fill the church up a little bit.  Working on the campaign for a month, the St. Liborius parishioners carpooled and more than 80 made the hour-long trip. They even staged a potluck dinner in the St. Mary’s Parish Hall, so there could be more time spent with their former pastor.  Read more about how Good News spreads here!