Good News: Pro Hockey Player Rewards Kid For His Loyalty


11-year-old Jake wore a John Tavares jersey to the Islanders/Suns game in Winnipeg, and was mocked by Suns fans, who got in his face.  He had to crumple up the jersey on his way out so people wouldn’t see it.  When Tavares found out about the incident, he contacted the Islanders’ Director of Communications and had a signed jersey sent to Jake. The Islanders Booster Club sent the boy additional memorabilia, and a restaurateur in Winnipeg, where Jake lives, offered to have the family as their guests for dinner. They also got season tickets to see the Islanders play!  The community also jumped in to cheer Jake up, so much so that Jake’s mom had to tell everyone thanks, but please stop.  Read more about this dedicated fan here.