Good News: Mom Survives Giving Birth while Undergoing Open-Heart Surgery

A 35-year-old pregnant mom a month shy of her due date survived a grueling nine-hour, two-team surgery in which she delivered her baby-and underwent open-heart surgery. Edita Tracey was at her hair salon last month when her back started to hurt, and when the pain shifted to her chest she called. At the hospital a CT scan revealed a rare and serious problem: Tracey’s aorta was bulging so badly there was a one-foot tear along it. The condition can be lethal in seconds-but the full anesthesia she’d need to undergo to repair it could harm the baby. So two surgical groups teamed up in the hopes of saving both Tracey and her child. The first team delivered the healthy baby girl by C-section within 30 seconds of her going under, and then the cardiac team opened Tracey’s chest, drained the blood collecting around her heart and got to work rebuilding her aorta in a highly complicated surgery that took nine hours. Thanks to the surgeons’ fast work, mom and baby Arabella are now home and doing well. Click here to read more about this amazing story!