Good News: Man Cuts Hole In Truck To Save Kitten


A Florida man is being hailed as a hero for going above and beyond to save a distressed kitten — even though it meant slicing a hole into the side of his vehicle.  Errand Frazier of Vero Beach had been out fishing late last month when he heard the faint sound of a kitten crying out, but got in his truck and continued on his way.  After he arrived to his destination, Errand heard that same meowing there, too. That’s when he decided to take a closer look, discovering that the sound was actually emanating from behind one of his truck’s side panels. Not wanting to risk injuring the mysterious animal by yanking it out or risk having it fall on a drive to get help, Errand did something remarkable to make sure its predicament ended without delay.  With the kitten stowaway safely rescued and in his hands, Errand then hopped into the cosmetically-damaged vehicle and drove straight to the Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County. The kitty, given the name Megan was assessed by staff and was found to be in good health despite her ordeal.  And now, she’s been adopted into a forever family!  Check out pictures of sweet Megan and the damaged truck here.